‘The Walking Dead’ Season 5 Retailer Exclusive Editions Coming Soon

Who’s ready to bring home the complete fifth season of The Walking Dead? While we’re still a couple of months away from that day, we’ve got some thinking to do about which edition we’re going to be getting our grubby, zombie-loving hands on.

Anchor Bay Entertainment has announced several exclusive editions for season 5 of The Walking Dead that will be available at Best Buy, Target and Walmart.

Check out the details below:

Best Buy Special Edition

BD63545 Walking Dead S5 BBY Exclusive 3d

The five-disc Blu-Ray/Digital edition feature new cover artwork and special features, including audio commentaries, deleted scenes and new featurettes.

Target Special Edition

The five-disc steelbook Blu-ray edition features special features, including audio commentaries, deleted scenes and new featurettes, along with an exclusive “Walkers in the Water” featurette.

Walmart Special Edition

Walking Dead S5 Funko BD 3DWM

The five-disc edition is available in DVD or Blu-Ray format and includes bonus features, including audio commentaries, deleted scenes and new featurettes. It also features an exclusive Daryl Dixon Funko Mini.

You can own these and all editions on Tuesday, August 25.

Alyssa Barbieri

Co-Executive Editor

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