Why did ‘The Walking Dead’ kill the light on their show?

As a fan of The Walking Dead, I’m no stranger to character deaths. You’re guaranteed a dozen a season it almost seems like. But over a week later you could say I’m still fuming over the decision to kill off Beth Greene (Emily Kinney).

It seems like I’m not the only one as there’s been a petition circulating the interwebs for the showrunner to revive Beth’s character. It won’t happen. We all know that. But it doesn’t mean that we can’t express our displeasure over the decision in a noticeable way.

Yeah, sure, if you’re going for shocking, Beth’s death was a shocking one. It was shocking because it was unexpected. It was unexpected because no one thought they’d kill a character like Beth that was just starting to come into her own. To kill a character that represented all of the good still left in mankind in a world that is enveloped in darkness.

On a show such as The Walking Dead where it’s bleak at best and soul-crushing at its worst, it’s important to give your audience some sort of levity amid all the physical and emotional destruction. Sure, most of our surviving characters have some light inside of them (I don’t think they’d still be alive if they didn’t), but they don’t necessarily represent the light in the dark. Beth was very much that character.

While Beth had to do a few things she wouldn’t have even considered just last season given her circumstances, she still very much remained true to her good-hearted nature. Beth was the light of the show. And the producers killed one of the last truly innocent people left on the show. The other is Judith and she’s just a baby.

It wasn’t until Beth’s death that I realized just how much I’d grown to love her character. She had been in the background for so long and just last season finally got to branch out. Her storyline at Grady Memorial peeled back a new layer of her character that gave me a newfound respect and deeper love for her character. Her death made me angry that her amazing journey had been cut way too short.

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