#The100 2×11 Trailer Breakdown: Operation Save Bellamy

“Any word from Bellamy?”

This trailer for next Wednesday’s all-new episode of The 100, titled “Coup de Grace,” has us seriously freaking the hell out. After the cliffhanger that was “Survival of the Fittest,” this trailer featuring Bellamy’s capture and subsequent harvest by the Mountain Men.

“He’ll be okay.”

Good God, Clarke, we hope so. Our sanity depends on it.


Here are three things from the trailer that have us buzzing:

1. Bellamy’s capture.

If only you could’ve heard the expletives shouted at our television screens when Bellamy was captured by the Mountain Men. Now they’re preparing to harvest him along with others and for the love of God if anyone hurts Bellamy we’re gonna riot.

2. What’s the plan now?

“Our whole plan rests on him getting in.” Well, Raven, he’s in. Now what?

3. How do they stop Mount Weather?

From a first impression it doesn’t appear that those at Mount Weather would be any real match for warriors like the Grounders or the Sky People. But you’d be wrong. These people are smart. And they’re sadistic. And something tells me we haven’t even begun to crack the surface with them.

The 100 airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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