#The100: Devon Bostick talks Jasper’s near-death experience

the-100-devon-bostick-talks-jasperThe 100 is all new tonight and all hell is about to break loose after Wells was killed in last week’s episode. But it’s also the return of Jasper from near death.

Devon Bostick, who plays Jasper, spoke with TV Line about his character’s near-death experience, what future dangers lie ahead and his love for Octavia.

TVLINE | I’m glad you survived, but when you first read the script, were you a little nervous?
[Getting killed off] wasn’t really a concern for me, but I also didn’t know whether or not I was going to live. I was just so excited to be a part of the show and get to play a fun character in such a dark place. My main objective was for people to love Jasper, so that if he did die, it would suck. [Editor’s note: Mission accomplished.]

TVLINE | I imagine that near-death experience affects Jasper in a pretty significant way?
Oh, immensely. He started out as such a fun, light-hearted, courageous kid — and then he’s immediately speared. This post-traumatic stress disorder comes over him and things become different. He’s now extremely afraid of what’s out there; the possibilities are endless. Like, a spear came out of nowhere, so what’s next? He’s quite afraid of getting speared twice.

TVLINE | So what other dangers can we expect on earth?
There’s so many dangers. We’ll learn more about who the Grounders are, who blew the horn when the fog came and who was in that tree. It’s cool because we’re in the woods right now, but we’ve only explored a small excursion. There’s so much more to find.

TVLINE | And then there are the dangers within the group. I still can’t believe Charlotte killed Wells.
Yeah, it starts out with us as the first people on the ground in 100 years, and then quickly becomes Lord of the Flies of the 21st century. We start to see the repercussions of people’s actions. With no law, there’s the politics of: If someone kills someone else, do we have to kill that person? Is there capital punishment? That’s what the next episode is all about. There’s a lot of turmoil in the camp, and they really need to get over their own s–t, because there’s so much more danger out there.

TVLINE | Will there be any romance for Jasper in the midst of all that danger?
I think there’s chance for a lot of romance all over the place, yeah. They’re teens that were locked up, and now they’re free with no parents and no rules. Jasper’s in love with Octavia, but she’s a free soul. It can definitely be heartbreaking.

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The 100 airs Wednesdays at 9/8c.

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