#TheFlash 1×12 Trailer Breakdown: Turning Up The Heat

“You’re a crime-fighting, lady-slaying machine.”

In the trailer for next Tuesday’s all-new episode of The Flash, Barry Allen gets some sexy time with reporter Linda Park, proving that he can in fact fight crime and date at the same time (in your face, Oliver).

The new promo also features a look at Martin Stein (one half of Firestorm), as well as a battle between The Flash and Ronnie Raymond (the other half of Firestorm), and a shot of a heroic Barry carrying a seemingly unconscious Caitlin. Swoon!


Here are three things from the trailer that have us buzzing:

1. Barry Allen is getting some lovin’

Barry Allen has had it rough in his love life this season. Whether it’s been a failed attempt at romance with Arrow‘s Felicity Smoak or watching the woman he loves in a serious relationship with a (friend?), Barry is in desperate need of a pick-me up. He seems to have found it in Linda Park, who makes her debut in “Crazy For You.” The only thing sexier than Barry Allen in that Flash suit is Barry Allen with his clothes coming off.

2. Martin Stein sighting

Ever since news of Firestorm coming to The Flash, I’ve been not-so-patiently awaiting the debuts of Ronnie Raymond (which we’ve gotten) and Martin Stein. So color me freaking ecstatic that we’ve gotten our first look at the currently missing Stein in this preview. The Firestorm story, which includes both Stein and Raymond, is going to one that is going to unfold this season. And we’re certain that the more answers we get, the more questions we’re going to be asking.

3. The Flash confronts Ronnie Raymond

After saving Barry from his fight with Reverse Flash, Ronnie Raymond made it explicitly known that he does not want anyone to look for him. Well, that doesn’t seem to be the case as we get a shot of Barry in Flash gear fighting Ronnie, who at one point goes full-on Firestorm. Boys, boys, what’s with the fighting? I don’t know if we can trust Hartley Rathaway, but if there’s a way to save Ronnie we know we’d do whatever it takes to try. Regardless, this is going to one sizzling storyline.

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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