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#TheFlash 1×14 Recap: Two Become One

#TheFlash 1×14 Recap: Two Become One

Before I begin this recap I need to get a little anger out about this whole waiting until March 17 for new episodes of The Flash. I understand that there are only 22-23 episodes per season and that breaks are inevitable, but this hiatus already has me like —


Okay, now that we’ve got the pleasantries out of the way…

The Flash resumed right where last week’s episode left off as Firestorm used the splicer to try and separate Ronnie Raymond and Martin Stein only to cause a nuclear explosion. Or so we thought.

Turns out the splicer worked after all and Ronnie is now all Ronnie and Martin got his body back. While it might seem like everything is all sunshine and rainbows now, it’s far from perfect.

This episode was centered around Ronnie and Martin’s relationship and how the two went from one not-in-sync body to two not-in-sync bodies and finally to one in-sync body. Basically the pair started out rough and eventually found common ground that would qualify as a somewhat happy ending to an episode heading into a four-week hiatus.

While Ronnie and Martin may have been separated in bodily form, the two are still linked. Suddenly a pizza-hating Martin is gung-ho for pizza delivery and feeling distressed as Ronnie faces down gunfire from the army.

Oh, yeah, that’s all General Eiling’s doing. It doesn’t take long for him to make his move on Firestorm when he tracks down Ronnie and gunshots are just flying through Jitters. Seriously, Jitters isn’t going to become, like, Laurel’s apartment on Arrow is it?

After Ronnie helps Caitlin escape, he then looks for a way out and runs out the back alley right into Eiling and his men. Just when it seems like he’s got Ronnie cornered, it’s The Flash to the rescue. Only Eiling was ready for him. He sticks him with some porcupine-like thing that impales him with what looks like at least a hundred pricks. Eiling thinks he’s won the lottery: Firestorm and The Flash? Yeah, well, not today, buddy. Cailtin and co. swoop in for the save.

Wells later pays Eiling a visit regarding Firestorm and Eiling manages to convince Wells to turn over Stein. Wells drugs Stein and lets Eiling and his army come and get him. Have I mentioned how much I hate Wells? While everyone thinks he’s a freaking saint he’s here turning over innocent people to a dangerous man.

Eiling wants to use the Firestorm project to create super soldiers, but Martin would rather die than let his project be abused like that. So Eiling resorts to painful tactics, the same tactics he once used on a gorilla (Grodd, anyone?) What Martin feels, Ronnie feels. So as Martin is being tortured, Ronnie is feeling it.

It’s then that Ronnie gets an idea of communicating with Martin. Ronnie uses a piece of glass from his water glass to cut a word into his skin: “Where?” That word then appears on Martin’s forearm, as well. Martin then uses morse code to translate his location. 27. Area 27. Like Area 51? “Betcha that’s where they keep the aliens, too.” OMG Cisco I love you, don’t ever change.

Barry and Ronnie head to Area 27 to rescue Stein. Barry is able to save Stein just before Eiling puts a bullet in his head, but they encounter trouble outside the base. Eiling hits Barry with something that manages to distract him while Ronnie and Martin get the hell outta there.

Ronnie and Martin are forced to merge again if they hope to survive. Only this time they merge properly. Ronnie is able to be in control as Martin guides him from the inside as a voice inside of his head. Firestorm is lighting some $hit up before Eiling manages to stop Firestorm and their powers. He’s about to put a bullet in Firestorm’s head when Barry arrives to save the day.

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With Eiling after Firestorm, Ronnie and Martin decide to disappear for awhile and also learn more about their powers from one of Stein’s professor friends in Pittsburgh. But they’ll be back (at the latest probably the next Flash-Arrow crossover event next November. I need Stephen and Robbie Amell in the same scene on one of these shows).

Oh, and, what happened to Eiling? Well, I guess you can say karma is a bitch. And that bitch’s name is Grodd.



Last week, Joe and Cisco learned some new information about the night of Barry’s mother’s murder. Not only were two speedsters present, but one of them was future Barry. Joe didn’t think twice about telling Barry the truth as we kicked off “Fallout,” as Joe showed Barry the still shots from the night, as well as the blood that was tested and discovered to be future Barry’s. There wasn’t as much focus on the time travel plot line as I’d hoped, but I assume that’s because we have the rest of the season to feel it out, and there was a lot of Firestorm story to be told. Barry turned to Martin Stein for confirmation that time travel was indeed possible. Stein told him that Barry must’ve been able to run so fast that he broke the time-space continuum and ventured back in time. But there was something eating away at Barry. Sure, time travel was possible. And, yeah, Barry was there that night. But he couldn’t save his mom. By episode’s end Barry comes to the realization that his knowledge that he failed in saving his mom gives him an advantage this time around. “I won’t make the same mistake twice.”


I’ve been waiting for the episode where we’d finally get Iris using her journalism skills seeing as she works at a newspaper and I’ve yet to see her tackle an actual story. So I was quite pleased to see that Iris’ curiosity finally drove her to start a new story. Unfortunately for Team Flash, that means that she’s out to investigate S.T.A.R. Labs. It all started when Iris stopped by her old house, which Caitlin and Ronnie were going to stay for a couple of days. Not only did Iris recognize his face, but when Barry, Caitlin and Ronnie had to lie, they were about as good as lying as Oliver Queen is. Which is not good. After Iris’ dick of a co-worker passed along a photograph of Caitlin and her “cousin Sam” at Jitters just before it was attacked by the Army, Iris was finally able to pinpoint his face. Alongside the face of the man on fire. Cue that journalistic instinct to want to expose everything.






  • The whole Ronnie Raymond and Martin Stein dynamic was pretty awesome.
  • Ronnie and Caitlin being all cute and breaking my heart and then putting it back together again.
  • Cisco was so on point tonight like jfc (especially: “You guys are like 10 seasons of Ross and Rachel, but just like, smushed into one year.”)
  • General Eiling met a little thing called karma.


  • General Eiling pisses me the hell off.
  • While I enjoyed what Wells did to Eiling, Wells is shady af and everyone thinks he’s a saint. Really?
  • Wells is officially a villain (as if he wasn’t already) as he’s working with Grodd.
  • Why did Firestorm go bye-bye? (I know why, but why?!)


  • Okay, so I’ve come to expect some pretty gnarly end scenes on The Flash, but this one was f&cking insane. After General Eiling made some not-so-smart decisions this episode, including almost killing Firestorm, Wells decided to be rid of him, as well as exact some revenge in the process. He brought him to the tunnel where just last episode we saw Grodd dismember a couple of innocent workers. So what would he do to the man that tortured him? “Oh my God.” “Not God, Grodd.”


Episode 1×15

Returns: Tuesday, March 17, 8/7c on The CW

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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