#TheFlash: 3 Things We Want to See in Remainder of Season 1

We can’t stop talking about The Flash’s thrilling midseason finale that found our hero Barry Allen face-off against the man who killed his mother, Reverse Flash, who just happens to be someone he trusts in Harrison Wells.

As we head into the second half of The Flash’s freshman season, which kicks off tomorrow, we have plenty of questions regarding Barry’s intentions dealing with Reverse Flash, the Firestorm story and the future of Barry and Iris.

Here are three storylines that we’re hoping to see in the back 14 episodes:

1. Barry Looking Into Reverse Flash

After Barry came face-to-face with the man in yellow that murdered his mother in the midseason finale, we figure it’ll be quite difficult to Barry to not become obsessive about finding Reverse Flash and getting justice for his mother’s death and father’s imprisonment. Only Barry doesn’t know that the man he’s looking for is working right alongside him in Harrison Wells. That’s certainly a dynamic that I’m excited to see play out as us the audience is aware and Barry is not. I’m wondering if the search for Reverse Flash will end up being the primary focus of the rest of the season or if the writers are saving that big showdown – with the Wells reveal – for a later season. The fun will be watching Team Flash look into the man in yellow and watch Wells squirm – or relish – in their naivety of the situation. But have no doubt, should the primary conflict not involve Reverse Flash he will still very much have an impact on Barry. And from the looks of it, Barry has some pretty rogue (wink) villains that will need his focus.

2. Focus on Firestorm Storyline

As The Flash continues to wade into its freshman season, there are already several intriguing storylines that have fans stirring. One of those storylines surrounds Firestorm, one half of whom was introduced in the midseason finale. With Ronnie Raymond now integrated into the world – with ties to Caitlin and having saved The Flash’s life and all – the focus now shifts to the introduction of Firestorm’s other half, Martin Stein. With the only other major story arc seeming to be surrounding Reverse Flash, there’s plenty of room to include this storyline as more than just a side plot especially with the comic history and big names like Victor Garber and Robbie Amell attached. The thing that’s always intriguing about these Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg-produced DC Comics shows is how they choose to translate the comic story onto the small screen. We know it’ll be somewhat grounded (but not entirely with The Flash) while also shaking up the comic canon of the story.

3. Iris Growing Closer to The Flash

When we last left Barry and Iris, Barry had just confessed his love to Iris to somewhat painful results for both him and us viewers. Not only did Iris already agree to move in with Eddie, but Barry finally bared his soul to her and she was rendered speechless. In the final minutes when everyone gathered at the West house there was a look between the two that screamed that this relationship is far from being over, hell, it hasn’t even started. And if we’ve learned anything from The Flash’s big brother Arrow it’s that the producers like to make their endgame couples go through the slowburn. I’ll stand by my view that Iris needs to find out that Barry is The Flash sooner rather than later. But as a WestAllen shipper I’d like Iris to realize on her own that she’s in love with Barry instead of the realization that he’s The Flash somehow influences her feelings a bit. But the rest of this season will be important for that relationship. Now that Iris is aware of Barry’s feelings she can finally think about him in a romantic way. I believe that she never thought about Barry romantically because there was never any reason to. They are as close as lovers and would do anything for the other. For all intents and purposes they’re in a relationship. They’re friends without the benefits. But now that Barry’s confession has forced Iris to think about it I believe she’ll have to ask herself if she feels the same way. But if certain spoiler pictures are indicative this relationship will either be addressed head-on or put on the backburner in the near future.

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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