#TheFlash Hiatus Re-Watch: Four Episodes to Watch Before the Show’s Midseason Return


We’re now halfway through this brutal winter hiatus and quite frankly it’s felt more like three months than three weeks since The Flash last graced our television screens.

So to cope with our one of our favorite superhero show’s absence, we’re feeling like a hiatus re-watch is in order. We’ve managed to narrow it down to four episodes that we think that you should rewatch before the show’s Jan. 20 return. But personally, we’ll be doing a full-season re-watch for, you know, science.

Episode 1×01, “Pilot”


It may seem like we’ve known Barry Allen as The Flash for multiple seasons, but we’ve only gotten to see him become the hero that Central City needs for just nine episodes. What better way to kick-off our re-watch than with Barry’s origin episode? While we got a taste of the catastrophic event that caused Barry’s lightning speed on Arrow, in the pilot we got to see the events leading up to that night and nine months later when he awoke from his coma. The episode brought us Barry’s origins, finding his Team Flash, the introduction of his love story with Iris West and a super cameo from Arrow’s Stephen Amell. What better way to tide you over until new episodes begin than with the one that started it all?

Episode 1×04, “Going Rogue”


What happens when you bring together a fan-favorite Arrow character and one of The Flash’s most infamous villains? A pretty damn fun episode that’s what. “Going Rogue” saw the first significant Arrow and Flash crossover when Felicity Smoak comes to Central City to see Barry’s newfound super speed and help Team Flash take down Leonard Snart aka Captain Cold. It’s great to see Felicity flourish in this lighter world and help bring Team Flash together like she was a part of Team Arrow coming together, as well as hint at Flash’s parent show through references. Captain Cold was the first significant baddie that we saw on Flash and like Arrow’s Slade Wilson was, we expect him to be a recurring character throughout the series. This episode had humor, team tension, Felicity Smoak, Captain Cold and a badass special effects sequence that makes for great television.

Episode 1×08, “Flash vs. Arrow”


What do you call television’s coolest team-up to grace our screens since, well, forever? Flash vs. Arrow. The episode, like it’s title promised, saw our two heroes Barry Allen (The Flash) and Oliver Queen (The Arrow) butt heads a bit as Barry fell under the influence of a metahuman that heightened people’s emotions to like x1,000. The first part of the two-part crossover event saw Team Flash and Team Arrow together for the first time as Barry and Oliver fought in the coolest superhero fight we’ve seen in a long time, which includes on movie screens. It had everything that we love about both The Flash and Arrow, including humor, incredible stunt sequences and brilliant visual effects that made for an hour of fun featuring two of DC Comics prominent superheroes. And because it is part of the Arrow and Flash crossover, you knew it was going to make this list. It’s like a rule.

Episode 1×09, “The Man in the Yellow Suit”



When an episode has season-finale level revelations during its midseason finale you know that the episode is going to make this list. The Flash’s shocking midseason finale saw Barry Allen’s first confrontation with the man in yellow aka Reverse Flash aka the man that murdered his mother aka the man that was revealed to be someone close to Barry. The episode flourished with its cinematic-quality visual effects, emotionally-charged scenes with Barry and Iris and Caitlin and Cisco, as well as featured some pretty badass sequences with Flash, Reverse Flash and with a sprinkle of Firestorm. From shocking revelations to love confessions to a Christmas no one will soon forget, The Flash will never be the same.

The Flash returns with all-new episodes on Tuesday, Jan. 20 at 8/7c on The CW.

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