#TheFlash: Let’s Talk Some More About Harrison Wells’ Endgame

Every week it seems like we’re treated to another revelation about Harrison Wells, teased of his inevitable endgame and its relation to The Flash. In short, Wells is the character we can’t stop talking about, as evidenced by another feature on this manipulative, secretive man in yellow.

Last week’s episode of The Flash, “The Sound and the Fury,” was much more Wells-focused than I would’ve guessed, as he had an important history with our villain Hartley Rathaway. We were treated to flashbacks of Wells’ interaction with Hartley, but more importantly we got more glimpses of Wells’ super secretive life in his glass house and that white room.

But the hour also saw our first glimpse of Wells (unmasked) with his super speed, as he raced to try and help Cisco and Caitlin when Hartley escaped. But his super speed only lasted so long before it gave out. We also saw Wells using the tachyon particle device he stole in “The Man in the Yellow Suit” to charge himself with the speed force, which grants him the super speed as seen in last week’s episode.

So that got me thinking: Is Barry Allen somehow the key to Wells getting permanent super speed? Is that why he’s so intent on ensuring The Flash make it to that inevitable April 2024 day? We have the “Flash Missing: Vanishes in Crisis” headline and everything has been pointing back to that.

Even early on in the season there was this deadly transfixion between Wells and ensuring Barry’s safety when threats emerged. It was weird because after that sinister final scene in the pilot we all believed that Wells was out to get Barry. But then he started protecting him with his life and ensuring his safety. But it wasn’t protection like that of Joe West or Henry Allen. No, it was protection like that of someone who needs something from this person.

Perhaps one of the more intriguing moments centered around Wells’ concern about The Flash’s existence came in “Power Outage” where a metahuman drained Barry of his super speed, and it was uncertain whether or not Barry would regain that speed. Almost immediately Wells rode that scooter not quite with super speed to his secret white room where he prompted his computer system Gideon to check all entries related to The Flash from this say forward, more specifically that April 25, 2024 day.

There was nothing. For all intents and purposes, The Flash didn’t exist. Wells’ reaction sent chills down my spine. Once again, it wasn’t the reaction of a father figure worried about his son’s future, it was the reaction of a manipulative person who saw their plans vanish (in a flash).

During “The Sound and the Fury” we also learned that the speed force is also powering Barry. So all of that prodding about training harder, getting faster is all Wells’ probably trying to ensure that his own super speed remains longstanding or something. Somehow Barry and Wells are connected. And the fun will be finding out how.

In the final scene of last week’s “The Sound and the Fury” Wells sent a chilling warning (probably to us):

Could that endgame have to do anything with stealing Barry’s super speed? Wouldn’t that be a plan that is carried out less than 10 years from now? What happens between now and then that is crucial to the timing of this endgame?

But just like after every feature I write about Wells, I’m left here wondering: What the hell is his true endgame?

Alyssa Barbieri

Co-Executive Editor

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