#TheFlash: Our 10 Favorite Cisco-isms So Far

One of my absolute favorite things about The Flash is one Francisco Ramon, Cisco for short.

There are no words to express my love for him. He’s the perfect blend of hilarious, vulnerable and awkward, which basically makes him the equivalent of Arrow‘s Felicity Smoak. So, obviously, I have a type on these superhero shows.

Just look at this cupcake…


I want one.

As we head into our final week of the four-week hiatus, we’re counting down our 10 favorite Cisco-isms so far, which include The Flash and his Arrow crossover. Let’s do this!

1. The “I just put you in your place, but I’m totally serious” Cisco, The Flash, Episode 1×12

2. Where Cisco is the Fandom, Arrow, Episode 3×08


3. The Ross and Rachel, The Flash, Episode 1×14


4. “I might be weird but look at how cute I am,” The Flash, Episode 1×05

5. Cisco Can’t Believe Stein Went There, The Flash, Episode 1×14


6. Clothes Before Hoes, The Flash, Episode 1×05



7. Perks of the Job, The Flash 1×08



7. Taco, Taco, Who Wants a Taco? The Flash 1×02

See Also

8. Head B$tch in Charge –The Flash 1×12


9. Cisco Means Business, The Flash, Episode 1×13




10. The Old Lady Cliche, The Flash, Episode 1×13



The Flash returns with all-new episodes next Tuesday at 8/7c on The CW.

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