#TheFlash: The Looming Presence of Reverse Flash

When The Flash resumed last Tuesday with its midseason premiere, while the focus was certainly on the return of Captain Cold and the introduction of Heat Wave, Barry Allen and Team Flash were also focused on preparing for Reverse Flash’s return.

Since his run-in with and defeats (yep, there were two) with the Man in Yellow, Barry has been visibly shaken as thoughts of revenge and fear for those he loves crowds his every thought.

“My name is Barry Allen and I am not the fastest man alive. That title belongs tothe man who killed my mother.”

So the focus for Barry has been to train harder and faster so that he can be ready for Reverse Flash when he returns, as he so ominously teased in the midseason finale.

Now us viewers know that Barry is already in the company of the man they call Reverse Flash, Harrison Wells. So with Wells being the one to push him it makes it all the more curious and with every passing moment I’m dying to know what the hell is going on inside of his head.

When Captain Cold returned to wreak havoc on the city as a means to take out Flash, Wells was the one that pushed Barry to focus on Reverse Flash and only Reverse Flash. It almost got Joe and Eddie, as well as the Central City P.D. killed as a result.

So why is Wells, our mysterious Man in Yellow, pushing Barry to become a more viable opponent? The answer lies in attempting to understand Wells’ mindset. I attempted to understand it in What Is Harrison Wells’ Endgame? That Wells’ concern and means to do anything necessary to guarantee Barry Allen survive and The Flash exist as a means of his own existence as Reverse Flash. Perhaps Wells becomes Reverse Flash as a result of The Flash.

But then somewhere down the line, Eddie Thawne (who’s comic persona is Reverse Flash) has to play into this, right? If not for the character’s comic history than because of a quote from the Television Critics Association panel.

So, does that mean there’s another Reverse Flash out there? Many people suspected that Eddie Thawne (Rick Cosnett) was the man in the yellow suit, given his name’s similarity to the Reverse Flash’s alter-ego in the comics. “His name is not an accident,” Kreisberg said. “Eddie’s connection to the Reverse Flash lore is going to pay off big time in the back half of the year.”

It’s interesting to note, however, that Cavanagh said, “There is just one Reverse Flash.” That should raise some crazy theories, including whether Harrison is an older version of Eddie. “When we get into that moment and really start parsing through details of what that moment is, it’s going to be very gratifying to the audience. It’s got deeper levels. There’s so much more to it.”

If these producers have proven anything on The Flash and Arrow, it’s that the television shows are not the comics. They always put a unique spin on characters and story lines so Reverse Flash is no different. Because if we already knew what happened we’d have no reason to watch.

As the remainder of The Flash’s freshman season carries on there will be the continual lingering presence of Reverse Flash on Barry Allen and his team, which is all building towards a climatic season finale where we can assume Barry and Reverse Flash once again come face-to-face. But hopefully the next time these two clash Barry will be ready for the challenge.

Alyssa Barbieri

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