#TheFlash: The Truth About Wells Will Be Revealed

Near the end of episode 1×15 of The Flash, “Out of Time,” Team Flash — Cisco and Caitlin — were onto Harrison Wells’ secret. But then Barry ruptured the time continuum which erased the events that led to these realizations. But we can’t fault Barry too much because he also prevented Cisco’s death at the hand of Wells.

In last week’s episode, Barry relived that eventful day, and while not everything went his way — okay, actually most things didn’t go his way as he inevitably altered every event that happened that day — the new day brought a shocking revelation to Barry: Dr. Wells is not the man he thought he was.

In the final scene of “Rogue Time,” Barry enlisted the help of his surrogate father Joe.

You could literally see all of the pieces falling into place in that moment: Wells isn’t who he said he was. Wells lied to me. I can’t trust Wells. Wells is the Reverse Flash. Wells killed my mother.

With only seven episodes remaining this season, this is one arc that’s certainly going to heat up as Barry learns and accepts the truth, informs his team and exacts a plan to bring Wells to justice. (And according to these super spoilery set photos, Barry’s going to get some help)

This epic confrontation between Barry and Wells — The Flash and Reverse Flash — has been building since the show’s pilot. Do I have any theories as to what will happen? Sure. Do I think my theories will be anywhere close to what actually happens? Hell no. But that’s the beauty of The Flash.

Alyssa Barbieri

Co-Executive Editor

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