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#TheFlash: What Is Harrison Wells’ Endgame?

#TheFlash: What Is Harrison Wells’ Endgame?

In the final minute of The Flash’s midseason finale it was revealed that Harrison Wells was the man in yellow aka Reverse Flash aka the man that murdered Barry’s mother.

I wouldn’t say it was completely out of left field. The guy was shady from the start with his secret room and his secret time-travel abilities. No, the thing that has me puzzled is trying to connect the pieces to figure out exactly what Wells is after.

From the start of the series we’ve seen Wells go to extreme measures to ensure The Flash’s safety as well as present and future existence. In the midseason finale he bested Barry twice before Ronnie Raymond swooped in for the save. So as Wells is simultaneously attempting to save The Flash as he fights him, I’m wondering what is Wells’ endgame in all of this?

Let’s look at the facts first: Wells is from the future; he’s Reverse Flash; he killed Barry’s mother; he knows things that even we have no clue about; and he’s obsessed with ensuring The Flash’s safety and existence.

During the show’s seventh episode, “Power Outage,” Barry encountered a metahuman that drained him of his super speed. The way Wells reacted you’d have thought he killed Barry instead of stripping his super speed. Wells went to his super-secret room and then even more super-secret newspaper thingy and saw that the future had been altered and there was no traces of The Flash at all. Wells lost it. He didn’t just want, he needed The Flash to exist in the future. But why?

I’m trying to piece together exactly how The Flash simply existing benefits Wells in all of this. Perhaps he doesn’t exist without The Flash? He’s been so keen on ensuring that The Flash survive – that he make it to 2024 – that there has to be a pretty big reason. Maybe it’s all some sick game and Wells is trying to ensure that this vicious rivalry between speedsters exist. Perhaps it’s his only real accomplishment in his life.

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The simple fact of the matter is that we don’t know. We don’t know what Wells is after. Who knows how long before his motives become clear? Maybe they never do. But that’s the fun in this, isn’t it? That we know a big piece of the puzzle, but there are missing pieces that are revealed one episode at a time.

The real fun is going to watch how the events of the midseason affect Wells’ relationship with Barry. No, Barry has no idea that Wells is the man in yellow, but after fighting Barry and knowing that Team Flash is going to be as persistent as ever in terms of finding Reverse Flash, this is going to affect Wells. Watching him squirm is going to suck because we know the truth and want to shout it at Barry, but unfortunately that doesn’t work through television screens.

Yes, the official reveal – to the audience – that Wells is Reverse Flash was a huge shock, but that’s only scratching the surface. The real shock is going to come in the form of his true intentions for The Flash and when Barry finally learns the man in yellow’s true identity. But, hey, we’re only nine episodes into the first season. There are plenty of shocks to be had for years to come. And we haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of Wells’ endgame.

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