#TheFlash: What We Know Right Now About Season 2


While we’re just one week removed from The Flash‘s epic season one finale, it’s never too soon to start preparing for next season (even if it is five months away). While the finale left us with heartbreak and one hell of a cliffhanger, we’re not completely in the dark as teases about season 2 have been revealed in interviews with cast and producers.

Here is everything we know about season 2 of The Flash so far, including the introduction of multiple speedsters, multiple timelines and more crossovers with Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow.

Multiple timelines will be explored.

With the integration of time travel into The Flash, we’ve been wondering about the possibility of exploring multiple timelines within the show, which would allow for different versions of the characters. In an interview with TV Guide, Grant Gustin confirmed that multiple timelines will be explored. “What’s fun about this show is that there’s going to be multiple timelines as we move forward,” Gustin said. “I think we’re going to start showing Earth-One and Earth-Two in the near future. There will be kind of different dimensions going on.”

We haven’t seen the last of Tom Cavanagh.

While it looked like we’d seen the last of Tom Cavanagh as Harrison Wells/Eobard Thawne after we was erased from existence, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg revealed to EW.com that Cavanagh will continue to be a series regular on The Flash. So what does that mean for his role in the show? With the introduction of multiple universes and timelines, we could see Cavanagh as his not-evil Harrison Wells or even as Eobard Thawne again.

There will be multiple speedsters next season.

While we’ve seen two speedsters in The Flash and Reverse Flash, there have been a lot of teases regarding the emergence of more speedsters in The Flash universe. Back at PaleyFest, executive producer Greg Berlanti teased that Wally West or Bart Allen might appear in season 2. Add to that EP Andrew Kreisberg’s comments to THR.com, which confirmed that more speedsters would be coming next season. “We are going to introduce a few more speedsters next year and a bunch more villains,” he said. “How they and those villains come about is part of the surprise of season two.”

There will be more Flash/Arrow crossovers.

We’ll say it’s been a foregone conclusion since the success of the Flash/Arrow crossover event last December, but it was confirmed at The CW’s network upfront that there will be annual Flash/Arrow crossover events airing around November/December. It’s also safe to assume that there will be more individual crossovers when an episode permits it on both shows.

There will be a ‘revolving door’ of Flash/Arrow/Legends of Tomorrow crossovers.

While crossovers between The Flash and Arrow are commonplace, Arrow won’t be the only show that The Flash crosses over with. In an interview with Buzzfeed, Grant Gustin teased that some Legends of Tomorrow characters will be pulling triple duty on Legends, Arrow and The Flash. “Like, I’m on ‘Flash,’ but as far as a lot of those other characters are concerned, they’re just on three TV shows at one time, which is really cool,” Gustin said.. “Wentworth [Miller, who plays Captain Cold] and Dominic [Purcell, who plays Heat Wave] are on ‘Legends,’ but they’ll be on ‘Arrow’ and ‘Flash,’ too. It’s like a revolving door for all three shows.”

Robbie Amell will return for season 2.

With the upcoming Arrow/Flash spinoff Legends of Tomorrow starring Martin Stein, it hasn’t gone unnoticed that Robbie Amell (Ronnie Raymond aka Stein’s other Firestorm half) hasn’t been said to be in the show. What does that mean for Ronnie’s fate? But have no fear (at least immediately), Ronnie will be returning. In an interview with CBR.com, Robbie Amell confirmed that he will be in season 2 of The Flash. But as far as Legends goes, he can’t say anything.

The Flash returns for season 2 Tuesdays this fall on The CW.

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