#TheFlash: Why Iris Shouldn’t Be Kept in the Dark For Too Long

Due to the fact that The Flash is a spinoff of Arrow and features two of the same executive producers, you could say there are similarities between shows. And that’s not a bad thing. In fact, the executive producers have been able to maintain a nice balance of similarities and differences between the two vastly different heroes.

But as we watch the first season of The Flash, we can’t help but be transported back in time to the freshman season of Arrow, where we were presented albeit a DOA love story in Oliver and Laurel and Oliver protecting her as The Hood but never revealing his identity to her. Even when he had the chance in the first season finale – where the door was literally wide open – he never did.

But granted, Oliver never telling Laurel he was The Arrow (that was all Slade Wilson last season) wasn’t the thing that sunk that ship – it was the lack of chemistry between the actors and a toxic relationship between the characters which never gave the present relationship a chance. If anything, I’m hoping that The Flash executive producers, who also serve the same position on Arrow, learned from their mistake on Arrow and don’t pull a similar move with Barry and Iris.

Since The Flash and Iris’ first meeting, there has been this whole Superman meets Lois Lane vibe to it. While Iris currently lusting after The Flash (well, not so much after “Flash vs. Arrow” where saw an ugly side of him), the sooner she learns that Barry Allen, her best friend and destined lover, is indeed The Flash, the better it will be for the show.

Love is the least of Barry Allen’s concerns on The Flash right now, what with the man that murdered his mother roaming free after he kicked Barry’s ass not once but twice. It doesn’t help matters that this man, unknown to Barry, is someone that he trusts in Harrison Wells.

But in the midseason finale, Barry put his heart on the line when he confessed a secret to Iris that has weighed on him for years: He’s been in love with her since they were kids. And, frankly, he didn’t get the response WestAllen shippers were hoping for, but, hey, it’s early in the series. It’s all about the angst and prolonging the actual getting together in these things (Exhibit A: Arrow’s Oliver and Felicity).

So while it might be awhile before Barry and Iris officially cross the friendship line into romance, I can’t help but wonder what the remainder of season one holds in store for the two. Specifically I’m hoping it will force Barry to finally come clean to Iris about his identity as The Flash.

Let’s get one thing straight, Barry actually wanted to tell Iris about who he is and his super speed from the pilot. It’s just natural for him. They’re best friends and have always told each other everything. Okay, well not everything (see Barry and Joe discussion from episode 1×05).

In every great superhero story – however cliché it may be – our hero has that one person – the love of their life – that is there to always support and motivate him/her. In The Flash, Iris is that person for Barry. Or at least the producers are intending her to be. But in order for them to achieve that I believe that they need Barry to reveal himself to Iris. The sooner, the better.

It’s only when she knows both the man in the suit and under it that she can truly fill that role. Because it’s not about only supporting the hero while he’s wearing the costume, in fact, it’s more important to support him when he’s not. Because that’s when he needs it the most. When he’s feeling dejected, lost and scared. That’s when he needs the reminder of who he is and why he’s fighting.

It’s my hope that Barry – and no one else – reveal his identity as The Flash by the end of the first season. Perhaps that may seem too soon for some people, but the whole mystery man thing can go on for only so long before it gets dull. If the reveal doesn’t happen in the season one finale it might not happen until the season two midseason finale or season two finale. It’s a big plot twist so it’s going to happen at a big time for television. And what better time than the season finale and at a time – so soon in the series – when no one would expect it?

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