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#TheFlash: Why The CW Should Consider a Firestorm Spinoff

#TheFlash: Why The CW Should Consider a Firestorm Spinoff

With The CW, spinoffs to its hits Arrow and The Flash aren’t so much as possibilities as they are likely certainties these days.

And it’s obvious why, as both Arrow and The Flash rate as the network’s high-rated and most-watched shows miles above some of the network’s other shows. Basically, the superhero genre has catapulted The CW into a position that they’ve been desperately craving.

So why stop there?

Back at The Television Critics Association press event in January, CW president Mark Pedowitz confirmed that the network was in “preliminary discussions” to spin off another show in the Arrow/Flash universe. There have been talks about the possible spinoff featuring Arrow’s Ray Palmer aka The Atom, but one spinoff that we’d like even better has to do with a certain dual-hero on The Flash.

The past two episodes of The Flash, “The Nuclear Man” and “Fallout,” served as a two-part backdoor pilot of sorts for the dual character of Firestorm, which includes Ronnie Raymond (Robbie Amell) and Martin Stein (Victor Garber). We got to witness Firestorm’s origin story in a way that not even Barry Allen received on Arrow last season.

Here are three reasons why we believe The CW should look to Firestorm when thinking about its next spinoff show:

1. The Interest

One of the things that Firestorm has going for it that The Atom doesn’t is that fans are already invested in the story. They’ve gotten a full two-episode taste (as well as other flashes) of Firestorm that generated a ton of buzz, while we’ve failed to see Ray Palmer in action as The Atom (which is coming up later this season on Arrow). Heading into “The Nuclear Man,” The Flash’s ratings had been steady around its series low 1.3 (which is still miles above most other shows on the network). Then with “The Nuclear Man” and “Fallout” its ratings jumped to 1.4 and 1.5, respectively. Clearly this is a story that fans of the show want to see. It’s also a spinoff series that I believe fans of The Flash and Arrow would love to see.

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2. The Talent

Anytime you can nab an actor like Victor Garber you best believe you’re going to utilize the crap out of him. And Robbie Amell has proven that he can carry a show, as seen by the short-ended The Tomorrow People. The two are great talents that have a great rapport as they play characters that are their own yet are not. It’s a concept that we were curious to see portrayed on screen, as opposed to comics, and found that Victor and Robbie really drive it home. And that’s only our titular hero. With an amazing casting director in David Rappaport, who cast Arrow and The Flash, just imagine the cast of characters that would surround them.

3. The Crossover Effect

With Arrow/Flash crossovers set to be an annual November sweeps occurrence and plenty more small crossovers taking place several times already this season, the next spinoff series would be one that is highly integrated into this DC universe that The CW has conceptualized. With Firestorm’s links to Barry Allen, Caitlin Snow and the rest of The Flash, it’s already in position to have plenty of crossover opportunities, especially with Ronnie’s romantic link to Caitlin. While The Atom is part of Arrow, he’s not really part of it, you know. At least not yet. His only tie to the show is Felicity Smoak. He doesn’t have a tie-in with the titular hero like Firestorm does. Plus, we’ll admit we really, really, really want to see Stephen and Robbie Amell together during one of these crossover episodes. And with Ronnie and Martin headed to St. Louis to try and learn more about their powers, could that be the perfect lead-in to a possible pilot?

The Flash returns with all-new episodes on Tuesday, March 17 at 8/7c on The CW.

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