#TheFlash: Will the Truth About Wells Be Revealed?

It’s bad enough that we have endure another Flash hiatus, but to be teased with an episode like “Out of Time” is just downright cruel.

From The Flash‘s pilot, fans have known that Harrison Wells was up to something shady. And as the episodes progressed so did the mystery of Well’s endgame. As did the fandom’s infatuation with the storyline (as evidenced by my nearly weekly editorials freaking out over the guy).

While us fans know the truth — that Wells is the Man in Yellow that murdered his mother and is destined to be his arch enemy — Barry Allen , Caitlin Snow and Cisco Ramon believe that Wells is a good guy albeit with questionable morals at times.

But could Team Flash soon learn the truth?

If The Flash has proven anything it’s that it’s not afraid to tack the big comic story lines in the show’s freshman season. And that’s where the end of season one seems to be headed. But I never thought Barry and co. would learn the truth this soon.

The trailer for The Flash‘s next all-new episode, “Out of Time,” — airing Tuesday, March. 17 — hints that Team Flash might finally learn Wells’ dark secret. At the very least Cisco believes that maybe Joe was right and Wells might’ve had something to do with Barry’s mother’s murder.

But it’s not just Cisco if the trailer is any indication. Barry seems cautious while Caitlin is nervous during coffee with Wells, as she comes back to find his wheelchair vacated.

If Team Flash suspects Wells, what would happen if he found out that they were onto him? That’s an equally exciting and terrifying dynamic that would segue into Wells’ transition from scientist to Flash’s arch nemesis.

While I’m on the fence about whether the possibility of Team Flash learning the truth about Wells so early, I can’t say I’d be disappointed. The Flash has been great with utilizing its abundant comic universe, and there are plenty of stories to be told for years to come.

The Flash returns with all-new episodes Tuesday, March 17 at 8/7c on The CW.

Alyssa Barbieri

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