#TheOriginals 1.2 “House of the Rising Son” Recap!! {SPOILERS}

Well, well, well.  Tonight’s episode was full of flashbacks.  And I mean, F U L L.

If you haven’t watched the episode yet, and you want to see it for yourself first, you NEED TO STOP READING THIS!!!

For the rest of you . . . read on!

The episode starts with Klaus narrating.  He tells of the time “three centuries ago” when his “siblings and I” built New Orleans.  They were happy, with Elijah hoping for Klaus’s redemption, and Rebekah believing he’s beyond redemption.  All of this kinda sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

Well, Klaus had a plan of his own.  He was going to be King.

(Really, the parallels of past and present are crazy here.)

In present day New Orleans, Marcel narrates.  He tells of the people (tourists) that come to New Orleans looking for fun, but those who come looking for something a little more . . . dark . . . he invites them to special parties.  We’re shown some of Marcel’s henchmen handing out fliers, and then people getting their hands stamped with a very old, ornate-looking ‘M.’

Marcel shows us the party getting underway, and tells us that at midnight, it becomes “time to feed.”  All of his nightwalkers begin to feed on the tourists brought in to the special party.

1.2 3Klaus joins Marcel on the balcony, overlooking the feeding frenzy, and asks him how he gets rid of all the bodies this causes.  Marcel says that it’s an “all you can eat buffet” down there.  Klaus asks how Marcel is able to dispose of all the bodies.  Marcel says it isn’t a problem, because these nightwalkers are trying to prove their worth to him, to earn their daylight rings – we see a flash of his at this point – and the camera sweep around the room, as we watch vampires feed.

Klaus asks Marcel how they explain all the missing tourists, etc, that may come from this kind of feeding frenzy.  Marcel explains that, once the nightwalkers eat their fill, they heal the victims with a little vampire blood, erase their memories, and “send them on their way.”

Just then Tierney walks up, to inform Marcel that 6 of his nightwalkers have been killed in a bar just outside the city.  Marcel looks furious, and turns away.

And then we get a shot of Rebekah, driving a posh little convertible, wiping her mouth while looking in the rearview mirror.  (At this point, we’re pretty sure that Rebekah is the cause of the vampire massacre.)

TO logoRebekah pulls into the half-circle driveway of an old-looking Southern mansion.  She’s ranting to Elijah’s voicemail, telling him that if he was ignoring her calls in order to get her down here to NOLA, it worked.  She’s here now.  (TOTALLY called this as being the way they’d get her down there.)  She kicks the door of the convertible closed, and then storms through the front door.

And we get this clip of her and Hayley meeting:

1.2 Rebekah and Hayley(If you watched the video, you can skip this paragraph.)  Hayley is coming down the stairs, holding a fireplace poker, and Rebekah mistakes her for the maid, and demands that Hayley (who’s name she doesn’t know yet) go and get her luggage from the car.  Hayley calmly says, “Hello,” waves the poker, “not the maid.”  Rebekah doesn’t bother looking embarrassed at her mistake (how beneath her), and says, “Right, you’re that werewolf girl my brother Klaus knocked up.”  (Ever the tactful one, isn’t she?)  She expresses disappointment that there’s no “supernatural baby bump” to see, and Hayley comments that Rebekah “has her brother’s manners.”  Rebekah counters with “and his temper, too, so watch it.”  Rebekah asks where Elijah is, and Hayley explains that she believes he’s bailed on her.

Apparently, Klaus has told Hayley that he’s taken off, and, immediately, Rebekah is suspicious of this explanation.  She tells Hayley that Elijah doesn’t break his promises, and then starts yelling for Klaus.  Or, as she calls him, “narcissistic, back-stabbing, wanker.”

Cue this video (at about :45 in you get to see Rebekah’s tirade):

1.2 Klaus entranceKlaus makes an impressive entrance, through some french doors, and tells her to stop shouting.  He confronts her about the 6 dead vampires being her fault.  She doesn’t deny it.  She makes some sort of crack about him not having any friends, and he tells her that he does.  He has a specific friend, Marcel, and that she should remember him.  There’s hurt in her eyes, but she says she remembers but doesn’t care, and demands – again – to know where Elijah is.  Klaus tells her that maybe he’s gone “on holiday” or that maybe he’s taking a “long autumn nap upstairs.”

Rebekah reflects that she remembers everything.  She begins narrating a flashback of her own.  The Mikaelsons were a rich family that the governor doted on.  He even covered up their “vampire sins” in exchange for gold.  The governor threw lavish parties, to impress Klaus specifically, she says.  She says that they were all happy.  Even Elijah.  We see the three siblings indulging in one of these parties, and Klaus over-indulging.

Rebekah, it seems, fell in love with the governor’s only son.  After the siblings are alone, she comes to Elijah (and Klaus) begging to be allowed to turn him.  Elijah quickly says no, but Klaus isn’t satisfied with leaving it at that.  Even then, he was cruel with his words.  He tells her that she’s always falling in love, and that no one is good enough for her.  But, as usual, he doesn’t say it nicely.  (He says something like, if they turned all the people she’s claimed to love, there would be no one left for them to eat.)

The party continues, and Klaus confronts the governor’s son.  Long story short, Klaus ends up picking up the boy by the throat and tossing him off a second or third floor balcony, killing him.  The last thing we see in the flashback, is Rebekah’s heart-broken and shattered face.

Back in the present, Klaus echoes his sentiments of “he wasn’t good enough for you” and says that he’s going out for drinks with Marcel.  Rebekah warns that that isn’t a good idea.  Klaus tells her that when people drink, they start to spill their secrets, and he’s hoping something like that will work with Marcel.  Before he leaves, he bids her a “welcome home, little sister” that is dripping with irony.

Rebekah turns to Hayley after he’s left, and says, “Wolf girl” and demands that she help on Rebekah’s quest to find Elijah.  She tells Hayley that the governor’s house had many secret hiding places.  As they go downstairs, Rebekah says that this place (wherever they’re going) was one of the governor’s favorite hiding spots.  As they climb down, Hayley asks if Rebekah thinks Klaus has killed Elijah.  To which Rebekah responds that they can’t be killed.  She does explain, though, about the silver daggers dipped in the ash of the White Oak tree and the “forced” slumber being stabbed in the heart will bring.  Hayley seems horrified . . . especially when the stairs give way to a dark room filled with dusty coffins.

Once Hayley gets over her shock that Originals can be daggered and put away, she realizes that Rebekah has said Elijah’s coffin isn’t down here, but hers is.  “He keeps coffins on standby?” she asks.  And then says she “feels sick.”  Rebekah laughs and tells her “welcome to the family.”  Rebekah asks her why she doesn’t leave New Orleans, and escape all this (and Klaus).  Hayley confesses that she’s been bound.  Bound to Sophie and bound to New Orleans.  Rebekah says that she’s sorry about that, because she’s leaving the second she finds Elijah.  (A promise that I can’t even muster the slightest belief in, knowing Rebekah.)  Her parting shot before the first commercial break is to Hayley, “I’d find a way to break the hex and run.”


House of the Rising SonSophie is walking around in what looks like the closed restaurant/bar where she makes that famous gumbo.  There’s a thump in the adjoining room, and she goes to investigate, thinking it’s Marcel come to ask her if she knows anything about the 6 dead vampires.  She shouts to him that she doesn’t know anything about it, and then the pots in the room she’d just come from rattle, and she turns to go back in there.  As she grabs for a knife, a hand grabs hers.  It isn’t Marcel, it’s Rebekah.

Rebekah says that they need to talk.  Then, they’re walking in the cemetery (I think) and Rebekah says that since Sophie’s a powerful witch, she needs to do a locator spell on the silver daggers Klaus uses to keep his family in line.  Sophie tells her that she can’t, because Marcel’s rules say that anyone caught doing magic will be killed.  Rebekah threatens her, and Sophie admits that she’s linked to Hayley.  Rebekah responds with “Who?  Oh, right, mumsie.”  She asks how Marcel is so powerful, and Sophie says that it isn’t relevant (and makes me think she’s knows exactly how).  Rebekah suggests that the witches all move away from NOLA to get away from Marcel.

Sophie then explains, in better detail, why they can’t.  Apparently, the witches of NOLA practice “ancestral magic” and that their magic is bound to both the earth in NOLA, and all the buried witches there.  To move away would leave them powerless.  Rebekah makes some quip about family being “overrated.”  She says she finds herself back in a city that has caused her nothing but heart-ache, that she came her to find Elijah, and the instant she finds him, she’s leaving.  She tells Sophie that Elijah, and the witches, are foolish to think that Klaus can be redeemed.  Klaus, at one time, loved Marcel like a son . . . and we’re into another flashback.

1.2 Marcel and MarcellusThe Mikaelsons are on the way to the governor’s son’s funeral, where they discover that the son Rebekah had fallen in love with wasn’t his only son.  As Rebekah puts it, he had another son, “whose mother he owned.”  We see a boy being whipped into submission – ruthlessly – and Klaus finally snaps and kills the person doing the whipping (the governor?).  He rescues the boy, and Rebekah tells him that it’s because that was the way their father used to beat him.  Klaus asks the boy what his name is, and the boy responds that he doesn’t get a name until he’s 10 because of “the fever” taking so many.  Klaus decides then that the boy’s name should be Marcellus because he’s a survivor.  Klaus tells him Marcel means “God of War,” but Marcellus means “Little Warrior.”  Rebekah tells us (and Sophie) that Klaus connected with Marcel immediately, and saw a lot of himself in Marcel.

And, once again, Elijah thought that Klaus would find his redemption in Marcel.  (Oh, really?  This is getting a little tired, Elijah.)

Rebekah says that “without Elijah between them, who knows what those two will do.”  (Meaning Marcel and Klaus)

Klaus and Marcel are at the bar, a much quieter one than the one from the midnight party.  Marcel is watching Cami study, across the room.  Marcel tells Klaus that two tourists from the party the other night have gone missing, and he expects that they have turned.  As the conversation lulls, Cami collects her books and starts to leave.

(If you watched the video, skip this paragraph.)  Klaus jumps up and asks Cami what she’s been studying.  Cami responds with “abnormal psychology.”  Klaus lures her over to where Marcel is sitting, and asks her to help him diagnose his friend, indicating Marcel.  Marcel is smiling, embarrassed, behind his hand.  Klaus tells Cami that Marcel has been depressed lately, that he can’t keep his mind off a girl . . . “a queen fit for a king.”  Cami is silent as Klaus goes on, saying that he’s encouraged Marcel to “cut his losses and move on” and asks for her “professional opinion.”  She responds with, “be a nice guy, and maybe the opportunity will present itself some day.”

Marcel asks her about meeting up tonight at 9 and she responds with “I’ll take it under consideration.”  Klaus and Marcel laugh a little, after she’s gone and they joke about which one of them has lost their touch.

Next shot we see if Hayley asking someone (one of the witches we’ve seen with Sophie?) for some Wolfsbane.  The woman tells her that it’s poison and asks if she’s looking to kill a wolf.  Hayley responds that she wants to kill a “little one.”  The woman comes back to Hayley with a brown glass bottle, and tells her that a few drops in hot tea should do it, and that New Orleans is “an ugly town for wolves.”  As soon as Hayley’s out of ear shot, the woman calls someone who works for Marcel.  She says to tell Marcel that there’s a wolf in the Quarter.

SK 1The two “newly turned” vampires are presented to Marcel by Tierney.  A girl and, as he puts it, her gay best friend.  Marcel says that he’s only going to keep one of them, and asks Klaus to chose.  Klaus says “dealer’s choice.”  Marcel explains a little of what they are going through, that they’ve been turned into vampires and if they don’t eat soon, they’ll die.  He pulls a coin out of his pocket and says that he’s going to toss it between them and they first one to grab gets to live forever.  The girl grabs it and Marcel snaps her neck, saying that any one that betrays a friend, he doesn’t want.  The gay best friend (who we know is Josh, played by newcomer Steven Kruger) is escorted out by Klaus and put in an SUV.

1.2 1Rebekah is watching from a balcony above where the SUV is parked.  She is remembering Klaus training a very young Marcel to sword fight.  Then it becomes her and Marcel practicing.  He tells her that he’s “going to marry you some day” and she responds by saying that she won’t marry someone who’s “never bested me in a duel.”  Then we see her sword-fighting with a much older Marcel, and he does best her.  They have a moment, where they almost kiss.

Klaus witnesses this, and is not happy about it.

Then we see Rebekah’s face in the present day, and Marcel has appeared beside her.  “Here to teach me another lesson?” he asks her.


Marcel confronts Rebekah about the last time they saw each other.  He says that the last time he saw her, NOLA was on fire, and she was fleeing the city – not looking back.  Rebekah tells him that they all thought he was dead.

Cue another flashback . . .

Klaus confronts Marcel about what’s going on with him and Rebekah.  Marcel swears that nothing’s happened, but Klaus clearly doesn’t believe him.  Marcel begs, says that he likes Rebekah and thinks that she likes him too.  Marcel begs, too, to be turned into a vampire.  Klaus tells him that he will be turned, but only “when you’re ready.”  And, “leave Rebekah alone, or you will never be ready.”  The thinly veiled threat that Klaus will kill Marcel for getting close to Rebekah hangs in the air for a moment.

Back in the present day (my head was spinning after the episode with all the back and forth timelines), Rebekah suspects that Marcel is hiding Elijah somewhere, and if she discovers it to be true, she’ll kill Marcel herself.  Marcel counters with “good luck finding what you’re looking for” and then jumps back over the railing to join Klaus and the new vampire (Josh) in the SUV below.

Marcel confronts Klaus about Rebekah’s being in town, and this this little exchange (with the second best line of the night):

about 18 seconds in:


Season 1, Episode 101A(If you watched the video, skip this paragraph.)  When Marcel asks Klaus why he didn’t share the news of his sister’s arrival in the Quarter, Klaus responds with “I thought it would be more amusing for you to find out for yourself.”   Marcel asks if there’s anything else he needs to know that Klaus hasn’t told him (I’m guessing he’s asking, without asking, if Rebekah had anything to do with the 6 dead vampires), and Klaus says, “only that she’s grown considerably more insane in the last century.”  Marcel looks worried.  Klaus assures Marcel that Rebekah had nothing to do with the 6 dead vampires (again, probably knowing otherwise at this point).  Marcel tells Klaus that he “doesn’t have time for Mikealson family drama.  You’re my guest.  Keep your sister in line.”  As he goes to leave (to deal with the phone call he got about a wolf in the Quarter – that Klaus overheard), Klaus calls over his shoulder, “you’d have a great chance of draining the Mississippi with a straw!”

Hayley is considering drinking her tea.  She tells herself that with “one upset tummy” all the drama she’s in the middle of will be ancient history.  She can’t bring herself to drink it, though.  And then she hears a noise behind her.  There’s a vampire behind her.  He tries to convince her to come with her, to which she says she’s tired of vampires telling her what to do and starts to fight him.  Rebekah appears, and tells the vampires “that’s no way to treat a pregnant lady” and snaps a few necks.  “I do hate bad manners” she quips as the screen goes black for commercials.


Klaus is m a d and the object of his anger is . . . Hayley this time.  And, since Rebekah is there, she gets some of the yelling, too.  He’s angry with Hayley for leaving the house, he can’t protect her if she leaves the house.  Rebekah is furious at being yelled at when she feels like she’s the only one doing anything about trying to find Elijah.  She accuses him of not caring about Elijah, the child, or anything but getting this blasted city back.  Klaus is livid at the accusation.  He explains that when he first came to NOLA, Marcel didn’t trust him, had him followed everywhere, and that all of Marcel’s inner circle ingest Vervain so he can’t compell them to do what he wants.

Klaus explains that he arranged for the two tourists to “accidentally” be turned so that he’d have someone to bend to his will.  He managed a moment alone (and he shows us in flashbacks) with Josh and compelled him in the SUV while Marcel was talking with Rebekah.  He tells Rebekah (and Hayley) that he spent a moment with Cami, getting her to give Marcel a chance tonight and then report back to him.

1.2That flashback was a short one.  He meets Cami in the bar, after Marcel leaves and Klaus has made the straw remark.  He asks her, point blank, if she thinks Marcel is a nice guy.  She, honestly, tells him “no.”  Cami explains that she thinks Marcel is a “bad boy, like you” and explains that her and the “damaged” ones are “not good” for her.  He compells her to give Marcel “one chance” and then report back to him.

Back at the pile of bodies in front of the former governor’s house, Klaus mumbles something about having to find another of Marcel’s non-Vervained circle to compell to explain away the loss of 3 more of his vampires to cover up his sister’s murdering them.

Then, he turns on Hayley.  He asks her why she was in the Quarter in the first place.  At first, she doesn’t answer, and then he yells.  Then she blurts out the truth, that she went there to buy poison to kill the baby.  Klaus doesn’t react well to this news.  He picks Hayley up by the throat and slams her against the wall, choking her.  Rebekah turns on her brother, and pulls Hayley loose from his grip.  (That’s twice now, that Rebekah has saved her.)  Rebekah screams at Klaus that it is “ok to care, its ok to want something” and that that was all “Elijah ever wanted for you.  All we’ve ever wanted for you.”

Klaus takes a few steps away, and sits down.  For a moment, you think (foolishly, apparently) that he’s going to admit he wants this child . . . and then he admits that he gave Elijah’s daggered body to Marcel.  {Dude, my jaw hit the floor, even though I suspected as much.}  Rebekah is SHOCKED, to say the least.  Klaus explains.  Marcel’s crew were getting antsy with Klaus hanging around and the two vampires re-connecting.  He needed a peace offering.

Rebekah shrieks, “You bartered our brother?!”

And Klaus explains that this is all part of his plan to protect Hayley and the baby.  He tells Rebekah, “if you don’t like it, there’s the door, see if I care.”


Rebekah is sitting (where Klaus was sitting, I think) and she looks thoughtful, if a little sad.  Hayley walks up and sits down next to her.  She says, “I know you don’t know me very well, but thanks.”  And continues to thanks Rebekah for saving her twice today.  Rebekah tries to be flippant with her, and says, “us girls have to stick together,” but there’s something more under the surface.  Hayley pushes, and asks why, when she knows Rebekah hates Klaus so much, does she still manage to love him.  Rebekah admits that it’s because, after 1,000 years, Klaus is a part of her.  She flashes back to the number of times Klaus has killed the person she was in love with because, as he said, they aren’t good enough for her.

Season 1, Episode 101CIn the flashback, Klaus tells her that “no one will ever be good enough for my little sister,” but Rebekah finishes the sentence, “until someone was.”  As she says that, we see Marcel and Rebekah kissing.  He’s still human.  Rebekah tells Marcel that Klaus will kill him if they’re caught.  And, sure enough, Klaus comes around the corner.  He bellows at Marcel, “Did I not warn you?”  And Rebekah begs.  Tells Klaus that she doesn’t think he could kill Marcel, if he even really wanted to.  Klaus drops the rapier he’s holding at Marcel’s throat.  Klaus admits that he can’t kill Marcel, and then he daggers Rebekah.  Marcel stands, unmoving, in shock.

Back in the present day, Hayley advises Rebekah that if Marcel has Elijah, she needs to go after him.  Rebekah reminds her of the coffin with her name on it.  Hayley reaches for something, and hands Rebekah the two remaining daggers, joking that she has “two antique steak knives.”  Rebekah takes them, relief spreading across her face, along with determination.

Marcel is waiting for someone at the bar.  Cami walks in, and is is genuinely surprised to see her. (And to be honest, so was I, even though Klaus compelled her.)  When he asks why she came, Cami replies, “Everyone deserves a chance.”  Rebekah bursts in then, and threatens to kill Marcel if he doesn’t tell her where Elijah is.  Like with Klaus, Marcel knows that Rebekah won’t kill him, and says as much.  Rebekah agrees, and then changes her focus to Cami.  Cami gets the same treatment that Hayley got from Klaus earlier (really, there’s no other way to threaten someone?) and Marcel pries her loose from Rebekah.  He compells Cami to forget tonight, but remember that he has something to make up to her.  Resigned, Marcel tells Rebekah that if she wants to see Elijah, she needs to follow him.

House of the Rising SonMarcel takes Rebekah to . . . Davina’s house?  Marcel walks in, but Rebekah is stuck on the threshhold until Davina invites her in.  Marcel introduces Rebekah, but only by name.  Next to where Davina is scribbling with charcoal, is Elijah, complete with family coffin and dagger in his chest.  Rebekah goes to un-dagger Elijah, and Marcel tells her not to, and Davina moves to threaten her.

Davina looks to Marcel, and says “she’s an old one?”  Marcel says yes, that she (Rebekah) is “an Original.”  Davina says “she’s not very nice.”  Marcel doesn’t confirm or deny this.  And then Davina lifts Rebekah up, and throws her around the room for not being nice to Marcel.  And, then, she pushes Rebekah out of the window . . . all without touching her.


Another flashback:  Rebekah wakes on a bed.  Klaus is next to her.  He tells her that he’d been getting bored waiting for her to wake up.  Rebekah asks the day of the week, and is shocked to learn (she thinks) that she’s been in a dagger-induced slumber for a week.  Klaus corrects her.  She’s been asleep for . . . 52 years.  He tells her not to worry about Marcel, as she begins to panic, because he gave Marcel a choice . . . become what he’s always wanted to be (a vampire) or live out the last of his human years in love with Rebekah (if he chose to un-dagger her).  Clearly, Marcel chose to become a vampire.

Rebekah wakes up in the present day.  Marcel is next to her this time.  Rebekah doesn’t know where she is, and Marcel explains that maybe she shouldn’t have upset Davina.  Rebekah realizes then that she’s in her old room – the house where they lived when they ruled NOLA.  Marcel reminds her that everything that they once had here, is now his.  “Once yours, your brother’s, all mine,” he stresses.  He tells her to never threaten Cami again.

Always and ForeverNext thing we see is s sleeping Hayley.  And we realize Klaus has entered the room, and is almost doing that creepy-I’m-a-vampire-I’m-fascinated-by-watching-human-types-sleep thing.  He leans down and touches the brown glass bottle that held the poison, and Hayley snaps awake (I think she was faking up until that point).  She tells him that she didn’t use it.  He expresses surprise that she’s awake (sarcasm, as if he knew she wasn’t asleep when he walked in).  Hayley complains that the house is “swamp sauna” at night.  He seems to ignore the comment and asks her why she didn’t take the poison, because she would be free of all this, of him.  She admits that when she was fighting Marcel’s vampires, she realized that she wasn’t fighting for herself, she was protecting the baby.  She tells Klaus about her birth parents giving her up, her adoptive parents giving her up the second she turned.  In the end, she says, “when push came to shove, I wouldn’t let anyone hurt it.”  Klaus tells her that he thinks they’re a lot a like as far as their parents go.

Hayley asks about Marcel, says that Rebekah told her that they once loved each other like family.  Klaus tells a similar story to the one Rebekah told Marcel earlier in the episode.  He tells her that once he turned Marcel, he made the new vampire everything he is.  When Mikael ran the siblings out of town, they all assumed Marcel was dead and mourned him “each in our own way.”  But, he didn’t die, he thrived, and he made the choice to take everything and make it his own.  Klaus explains that the “m” all the party-goers, etc, are being stamped with doesn’t stand for “Marcel,” it stands for “Mikaelson” and that he wants it all back.

As he leaves the room he says quietly, “I’ll have someone see to the air conditioning.”

House of the Rising SonRebekah storms into the house, and announces to Klaus that he’s right, Cami is the key to getting to Marcel.  She tells Klaus about meeting Davina, a witch she thinks is probably only 16 but warns that she’s never met a power like that, as strong as hers.  Rebekah even calls Davina “beyond powerful.”  Klaus asks where Rebekah met this witch, and Rebekah realizes there is a hole in her memory.  Davina was able to erase something from an Original’s mind.  Rebekah even goes as far to give the witch a sideways compliment, “that clever bitch!”  Rebekah is clearly freaked out after she realizes all this.  Rebekah is worried about what Davina is going to do to Elijah, and Klaus insists that he did what he had to (in regards to Elijah’s body).  Rebekah admits that being “home” is “worthless without power.”  She tells Klaus that she is going to find Elijah, no matter what it takes, and he’s going to help her.

The episode ends with Davina telling Marcel that The Originals don’t belong here.  Marcel asks her for a favor.  There’s a pause as Davina tilts her adorable head and considers.

He asks her, “I need you to find out how to kill an Original.”








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