#TheOriginals: Our 16 Favorite Parts from ‘Alive and Kicking’

It’s the return of Kol on The Originals which brings so much excitement to my life. I like some Nate. He’s pretty to look at – even when he’s long haired and being subdued.

Here’s my favorite parts of The Originals...

1) Daniel Sharman eating an apple staring at Davina. Let me assure you that this has nothing to do with anything except the fact that he’s so fucking sexy. I’d let him stare at me forever.

2) Elijah talking to Haley. He’s worried about her falling apart. I mean she did kill a whole bunch of witches, so to me – that signifies she’s gone crazy. I mean I am sure that Klaus and Elijah will go at it for quite some time. Elijah loves her so much – this makes me so happy. I need some Haleijah in my life.

3) The Flashbacks. Shows that Elijah is always trying to be the better person – always trying to be strong. He’s the only person filled with logic. I don’t understand how Klaus doesn’t ever want to improve himself. He uses his brothers and sister as pawns and that really sucks.

4) Marcel showing the size of his testicles in his attempt to protect Davina. He doesn’t want Elijah to talk to Davina.

5) The Mother/Son bonding in the cemetary. I mean we all knew that Esther was BSC (bat-shit-crazy) and all, but she takes shit to a new level. It’s like every time she comes back to life, she is more and more insane. Anyone else agree? Finn’s a kiss ass and Kol is well- he’s trapped in Daniel Sharman’s body, so I wouldn’t care what he did. He’s pretty.

6) Klaus taking Haley to her people. I have to say I loved their fight about Hope. Cause as big of a douche bag as Klaus can be he is gonna be one good Daddy. And even if Haley doesn’t see it – he’s got her best interest at heart.

7) Davina telling Marcel she got stood up. I mean, I knew that Elijah wasn’t going to stay hidden. Davina is way too strong but that’s good. Only she doesn’t see the big picture. I mean Davina doesn’t have a good poker face, but she’s trying. She’s trying hard. Marcel isn’t about to let anything happen to Davina.

8) Haley’s speech about being a leader. I mean Oliver’s a douche, and he spills to much information. I mean I expected Klaus to tear out Oliver’s heart, but he was smart enough to take the information and run with it.

9) The Shakespeare flashback. I can’t even. Kol is just as cray cray as Klaus. I find it funny that Elijah was so close to Marcel – and now they seem so different.

10) Klaus heading to the graveyard. I am seeing so many wolves, and I think that he’s gonna get his ass kicked, but he’s not. When his Mama walks out in the teenage girls body, I am like well shit just got real. She’s got balls of steel. Klaus isn’t backing down, and the little twit is just running her mouth. I am waiting for Klaus to tear out her heart and feed it to her. When there conversation gets more and more heated, I am pretty sure that he knows that it’s his Mama. Yup, he does.

11) Back to Daniel Sharman. Someone put his voice on tape for me and let me keep playing it. It’s a thing of beauty.

12) Davina being forced to set Michael to her and then all of the sudden there being this huge bar fight. But the look on Kol in Daniel Sharman’s body face – when he see’s his Pops… well, that’s enough to make you go WOAH. But when Davina looses her bracelet, I am genuinely worried for her.

13) Elijah finding out that his father is still there. That fight between him and Michael – well, shit. Thank God Marcel and Elijah showed up to protect Davina and get her bracelet back.

14) Elijah and Klaus realizing that their Mama and Papa are alive. Shit is going down. I mean their parents are psychopaths, so I am not shocked that there is some serious craziness there. But how screwed up is it that they have to kill their Mama and Papa repeatedly.

15) Breaks my heart when the flashback happened and Elijah realizes that he has to give up to help Elijah. I love that man. He’s just too much.

16) Kol/Kaleb getting pissed and Cassie/Esther flipping her shit. I mean I thought my parents were bad, but Cassie takes the cakes for crazy fucking witch.

The Originals keeps out doing themselves every week. The Originals are ahead of the curve. They are The Vampire Diaries that I used to love.

What were your favorite parts of The Originals?

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