#TheOriginals Recap 2×10: Finn Needs Some Xanax and To Get Over Mommy Issues

Yes, we’re behind on TV – and we do know that The Originals is important television. But we’re recapping last weeks episode before you watch tonight’s. So consider us a good friend – cause we are reviewing so you are remembering before tonights episode.

Elijah Is Having A Rough Time

AS you may remember, Elijah and Hayley had some hot vampire sex, but she has to marry Jackson. You can tell this shit hurts Elijah (which I am not cool with – why must you screw with Elijah). Take out a whole bunch of people at a diner and that is gonna give you a stigma. Who knew?

Elijah has turned into Mr. Negativity, and thinks that Cami just wants him to open up. Cami does a 180 and says it’s about her, but when she asks about Hayley, you can tell Elijah’s attitude changes. He’s torn. But he about flips out and scrubs his arm off when she spills something on him. Elijah always has to be perfect, even when he’s not.

But he looks even more concerned when he recieves a call from Angelika Barker, who is still very much himself. So he calls Klaus. Sorry Kol, you are IN TROUBLE now. You know, after Klaus finds a way to get you all out.

Elijah is having a hard time doing nothing knowing that Rebekah is missing and he can’t do anything about it. He apologizes to Cami for being less than a gentleman. Cami, being ever so gracious – forgives. Then again, who can turn down Elijah.

OR210B_0101bMommy Craziest Has To Drink Blood

Klaus is evil, but he’s smart as fuck. I mean if you are going to take your mother down – do it with style. And he does. That man holds nothing back. Mommy Craziest is in transition to becoming a vampire. Now – we all know that crazy ass Finn is going to do his best to save her, but someone needs to put him down too. She caved and did it.

Finn is Really Pissed Off

Finn doesn’t get that his Mom is crazy, but he’s gone off the deep end. He’s paired up with Michael, and that is never a good idea. Michael is playing on Finn’s weaknesses, calling him son to get him in line. He walks in on the Vamp/Wolf summit and starts talking shit. He does a magic spell and confines them to the manor. Everyone is pretty pissed off (we’re guessing by all the mad dog stares).

Finn is doing magic to make the Vampires hungry for blood. He’s really got to get his anger issues under control. May I suggest some Xanax. I mean it works.

Klaus is forced to call Finn to negotiate. He has to tell Finn where Esther is. You would think it would calm Finn down, but he’s just as pissy as ever. Finn’s made it so that if the vamps even feed, they will not be able to stop.

When Finn finds Esther, he finds her a vamp which makes things worse. He can’t even look at her – he wants Vamps dead. Finn calls her a hypocrite. He’s not her loyal subject anymore. Finn takes Esther to channel her as a dark object.  He’s gone off the deep end.

Klaus Makes Fun of Hayley for Having Vamp Sex

Now excuse me while I am grossed out that Klaus asks her about sex with Elijah. Good for Hayley saying ew. Klaus informs her that they each had a glow about them. Now I would be creeped the hell out too, because the last thing I would want to talk about with my baby Daddy is the fact I screwed his brother. But Klaus is glad that they did it. Hmmm… that’s weird. Klaus tells her Jackson doesn’t need to know. She wants to tell him.

Oh Hayley. Why must you tell him the truth? Why hurt Jackson? We knew the questions that were going to come next – do you love him? Jackson, you don’t need to ask, unless you are blind. But telling Jackson the truth did no one good but Hayley.

When they leave the compound – they are out in the bayou – and Jackson apologizes for acting like a dick. He tells her that he’s always loved her. He wants to get to know her better. When he gives her a ring, he tells her that he won’t force her to love him, but he still wants to marry her.

Here’s the truth, Jackson gives good speeches. Hell, I would have put the ring on my finger after that speech.

OR210A_0365bCami Finds Out That Hope Is Alive

Now you would think that Cami would freak out once she finds out that Hope is alive – cause she freaks out and whines all the time. But she accepts it. Klaus has Cami in hiding, because Finn is going to flip the fuck out once he finds out about all the betrayal.

Rebekah’s In An Insane Asylum… you know, for witches.

She’s not happy about it, but who does she come across? The first person that Esther jumped into, Cassie. No one else believes Rebekah. Cassie tells Rebekah that there is no way to break out of the asylum. You may remember from a previous episode – that this is the house is haunted. Cassie tells Rebekah all about what is going on in the asylum. Rebekah’s mind is 10 steps ahead and wants out.

She tries to send a message to her brothers, but this awakens a witch. It’s one that you can only hope is friendly, cause otherwise – well, you know.

Turns out that the ghost that Rebekah was following – that’s Freya. The tiles that she was trying to communicate with her brothers with – they spell out Freya.


Kol Has Moved Into The Mikaelson’s Home

Granted, he’s got a new room, but you know… life goes on. Finn arrives just as Klaus is giving Kol a gift.

Now as you may remember that Kol is a witch and so he needs to figure out a way to get them all out. Davina shows up to help him, but they can’t break the spell. Davina says that he is channeling a dark object – and that they can’t break the spell. Cut to a scene where that dark object he is channeling is Michael.

Sidenote – I want Kol and Davina to get it on. More kissing and hanky panky with them please. Someone start a petition.

Kol suggest to calm Finn down – they tell Finn where Mommy dearest is.

Davina and Kol may have a way past it – but it would suppress all magical objects, including the Vamps rings. There is about to be a blood bath – cause the vamps are so hungry and the wolves so Kol and Davina have to start the spell quickly. They are able to lower the barrier for 60 seconds.

When the barrier is lower, Klaus can call him out for where the hell is Rebekah. Klaus sticks him inside and Marcel protects him because he see’s Davina’s pain. You would think that he’d be smarter, but oh sometimes the hot ones are so dumb.

There’s A Summit Between Vampires and Werewolves

The wolves want freedom, and Marcel says that the Vamps will stand with the wolves after the wedding – he just wants the promise of peace. I mean I can see their reluctance to believe him – being as he’s kinda been the worlds biggest douchebag to them for years. But being as Finn has trapped them all in together, they are going to have to find a way to get a long. Leave it to Marcel to think that the best way to do that is throwing back some alcohol.


We can’t wait to see what happens next! The Originals returns tonight!

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