There’s a ‘Game of Thrones’ Tarot Card Set Coming!

We don’t really mess around with Tarot Cards, cause life is hard enough without someone telling you what is going to happen or predicting the future. We like the element of the unknown.

That was until Game of Thrones Tarot Cards were announced.

78 full-color tarot cards. 100-page hardcover booklet. It’s like you’re just asking us to hand you our money and we’d do it without thinking twice.

Each card, from the Major Arcana to the Cups, Coins, Spears, and Swords of the Minor Arcana, offers a rich and meaningful path to divination. Game of Thrones fans will pore over a treasure trove of much-loved characters, scenes, and stories depicted in a style both surprising and true to the world of Westeros. An accompanying hardcover booklet explains the symbolism of each card and various ways to use them in a tarot reading.

The preview images of the cards that were released have us drooling like we’re kids.

The cards will be released March 20, 2018.

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