#TheVampireDiaries: 10 Best Moments of Season 6

What a season, season 6 saw many up’s and downs, shocks and twists and there’s too many to even mention.

Here we have 10 of the best moments from this season, some have already been mentioned in the best moments of season 6 so far post but some of them were that good they needed mentioning twice.

There is clearly many more best moments from this season and we possibly couldn’t write them all down, we’d be here all day. But here we’ve chosen some of the best, some will mark TVD history and some that were just too important not to mention.

Our top moments are in no particular order, I mean how would anyone choose the ultimate best moment, although I have a feeling I know what Delena’s top moment of the season is, I think it might involve some rain and a kiss.

Anyway, check out the list below and see if your favourite made it into our list.

Damon returns to the land of the living


Everybody was devastated when Damon left the land of the living for the land of the unknown. While we were all left hanging at just how long he would be gone for, we were not left too long to stew before Damon made it back to his girl and baby bro, although we were still gutted that Bonnie was left behind.

Jo saves Alaric

jo saves alaric

It was a hairy moment there; I don’t think anyone would have been able to take another Alaric death, the last one left us in a mess. When Alaric went over the border, we all thought he was a goner but Jo saved the day and his life and we’ve been shipping them ever since.

They can go home again


Let’s be honest, it just wasn’t the same without our favourite vampires living in Mystic Falls. Then cray cray Kai came on the scene, stole the travellers spell and hey presto Mystic Falls was vampire town once again. What better Christmas present, than to be able to go home, although Damon would probably disagree, he did get his car back, thanks to baby bro Stefan.

Caroline turns it back on

caroline 6x20 gif

It was a fun stretch there for Caroline running around humanity free, but it was nice to have the old Caroline back and just in time as well, Jo needed the best party planner Mystic Falls had to offer.

Delena Rain Kiss

delena rain kiss gif

You Delena fans petitioned hard for this, and your hard work paid off. For Delena fans I don’t think this moment can be topped, this is definitely one moment that will go down in Delena TVD history.

All of Elena’s goodbye’s

stelena 6x22 gif

bonnie 6x22 gif

dleena 6x22 gif

Oh this left us all in an emotional mess. I’m sure everyone had their personal favourites. Stelena fans got their due, their scene was fitting and gave Stelena fans the closure that was needed. And that dance scene was spectacular from Delena.

Kai gate crashers Jolaric’s wedding

kai 6x21 gif

To start with, that wedding looked amazing, I was really rooting for these two and that wedding was definitely a top moment, you know before it was trashed. But then Kai appeared and his moment does standalone from the wedding, what an entrance he made. I have to admit even though he killed Jo and were mad about that, I can’t help but love him.

Bonnie makes it home

bamon hug

Bonbon made it back! And we missed her in the land of living. After a horrific time in 1994, sacrificing herself, being tortured and then left all alone, she finally made it back home and new best buddy Damon was there to welcome her home with open arms, literally.

Elena’s human again

elena takes the cure gif

We all wondered back in season 4 when she became a vampire if she ever would be human again and well two seasons later, she is. As she took the cure all her good Damon memories came flooding back and this was a big moment in TVD history our heroine has gone from human to vampire to human again, a moment we have all been waiting for. Welcome back human Elena even if it was short lived, well for now.

Stefan’s going to wait for Caroline

steroline gif 6x22

Stefan’s now over Elena and ready to move on and the person he wants to do that with is Caroline. When Caroline admitted that she wasn’t ready for a relationship, Stefan said he’d wait and well as a vampire he’s got plenty of time to do that. We got to see these two have a proper moment with their humanities in check and Steroline feels were rife. So Steroline fans might finally have a little hope all they have to do now is wait patiently with Stefan for Caroline to be ready.

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