#TheVampireDiaries 6×17 Recap: A Bird In A Gilded Cage

Well Lily is interesting or should we say CRAZY! Steroline are now like the ultimate rippah couple, Delena are getting back on track, revenge plans have been taken off the table and Bonnie, well she’s not taking crap from no one.

On with the recap and Caroline doesn’t look all humanity free to me, the Caroline we know and love is still there. Following on from last week, Caroline is busy cleaning up the Skull Bar, after her and Stefan’s fight, but it’s Enzo who’s thinking the same as us, she isn’t supposed to care, so why does she? Anyway she does and now Caroline’s auditioning for the college musical, this is defiantly not a humanity free vampire we’ve seen before, but that’s all about to change.

Over at the Salvatore house, Damon’s been given the 411 on the Stefan front and in Damon fashion he’s ready to vervain the hell out of his little bro and start the humanity flip back intervention. Stefan’s one-step ahead though, and all Stefan really wants is weapons, or rather vampire killing weapons.

At the hospital we find out Sarah’s alive and well, and Alaric’s got a plan. Once the blood has left her system, Sarah is free to go back to Duke, we can’t have her turning into a vampire now. Stefan would be devastated if that happened, or but Stefan doesn’t care, humanity Stefan would be devastated though. This is the moment Jo thinks Duke would be the perfect name for the baby, and Alaric hasn’t even been thinking about names yet. I don’t care what anyone says, I love these two together.

Damon’s not taking the humanity free Stefan news that well, but he’s trying to take his rage out in a healthy way. Look at him, look how much he’s grown, what killing people wasn’t a good way to take out your rage, I think sticking to attacking the furniture is best. To add to his misery, Damon’s just found about his mom as well and lets Elena in on the Mama bombshell. Having heard that Stefan was a Mama’s boy, Elena’s got an idea to get Steroline’s humanity back.

Over at Whitmore, Damon’s again asking for a favour off Bonnie, and understandably Bonnie isn’t really in the mood to help Damon out. But as Damon points out there’s a win win for everyone, Mama S triggers Stefan’s humanity, Stefan then triggers Caroline’s and everyone’s a winner. Bonnie tells him she’ll help, but she aint going anywhere so her blood will have to do. Damon then tells her she might want to come along for the journey though, he’s clearly got a plan, and a plan she’ll like.

Bonnie’s gone to meet Kai, who after everything he’s done and now actually feels emotions, you’d think he wouldn’t be his sarcastic self with her, but we are wrong. He has the ascendant to get Lily out but blackmails Bonnie into going with him to 1903.

It’s audition time for Caroline who seems a little too confident in her acting skills, although I don’t think she’ll be getting the part seen as though Stefan just killed the director. Stefan’s decided to make it his mission to rain misery on Caroline as part of his revenge plan. Caroline however, isn’t about to take this without a fight, and well it’s about to get messy and deadly.

Back at the Salvatore’s, Kai , Bonnie, Damon and Elena are ready to head to 1903 to rescue Lily. Elena’s comes along for the ride simply to meet the woman that gave birth to the two epic loves in her life, it’s nice that she acknowledges she actually dated Stefan once in a while. Once they get to the 1903 prison, Bonnie and Kai, head out in search for the other ascendant while Damon and Elena go to find Rippah Mama.

Following his conversation with Jo, Alaric’s now thinking about baby names, but his list making is cut short, when Enzo shows up. Enzo’s got a plan to help Caroline flip the switch and needs Ric to help. I can’t help thinking he only wants to fix Caroline to save Sarah, having learned what Caroline did to her. Is Enzo stating to care for Sarah?

Over in 1903, Damon’s not really feeling the whole mother, son reunion thing, he doesn’t want anything to do with her but flip Stefan’s switch. It turns out she knew about Damon and Stefan’s transition to vampirism and it looks like she never actually cared enough to come back for them.

And when Lily asks how Stefan’s doing, well … he’s got a no humanity revenge plan for his potential girlfriend, I’d say he’s not doing too good, although he seems to be having a good ol’ time.

Bonnie and Kai are still out looking for the other ascendant and when Lily says she’ll help fix Stefan, both Damon and Elena are left shocked to find out that she isn’t in the prison alone. Let’s just say, she’s a bucket full of crazy that has a creepy vampire dollhouse of sorts, that would give the most normal of people nightmares.

Enzo and Ric have made it to Whitmore, and they’re probably just in time seen as though Stefan’s just tried blow up Caroline and stake her. We also find out that Enzo wants Stefan to turn his humanity back on, just so he can continue his revenge plan because revenge is a dish best served when the victim cares.

While team Alenzo? try to find Caroline and Stefan, a college student finds them instead and it looks like things aren’t going to end well for this poor girl. And now it’s Enzo and Ric’s turn to see the wrath of Stefan with a bomb surprise, good job one of them has vamp speed.

Back in 1903, Lily wants to take her friends with her, Damon on the other hand isn’t about to let her do that. While they wait for Lily in her creepy vamp dollhouse, Elena finds the ascendant that Bonnie and Kai are supposed to be looking for, but Bonnie isn’t looking for it. Instead, Bonnie has lured Kai out into the middle of nowhere and is seeking her revenge.

That poor student I mentioned earlier, yep she’s dead. As Stefan still tries to get Caroline to completely shut it all off, Stefan decides the girl will make a tasty snack to lure Caroline in. And now Caroline has finally given in and gone to the dark side, having eaten the girl, her and Stefan finally get together.

It’s time to head back to present day Mystic Falls, but Lily isn’t leaving without her ‘family’ to which Damon isn’t pleased to hear. Damon reminds her that Stefan’s his family and to save him, he isn’t taking her so called ‘family’ with them, he’s just taking her or she can stay behind to rot. As Bonnie does the spell, to get out, Kai is left behind, at least he has what Damon calls the freaks to keep him company this time, or he will just become their meal. Aww poor Kai, I wanted him to make it out.

Sarah’s still in the hospital when she gets a visit from Enzo who ends up telling her the truth. So Enzo is no longer interested in his revenge plan and has just let slip that he knows Sarah’s last name. Will she be sticking around now? Will he tell her everything about the Salvatore’s?

Ric also at the hospital gets a check over from Jo, who isn’t happy that he went vampire hunting especially with a kid on the way, so they make a deal, no vampire hunting till their kid turns 18.

Back when 10 year old Stefan said he saw an angel, he was right, she did show up but her hunger drove her away. She admits she missed them, but Damon doesn’t seem to give a crap and all I’m thinking is, why didn’t she look for them when they turned?

Elena’s feeling optimistic that Lily’s return could be a good thing, but Damon’s just using her to save Stefan, although Stefan doesn’t look like he’s having a horrible time as he and Caroline did the deed. And just as things look like their hotting up for Delena, Bonnie walks in, talk about awkward.

However, Bonnie’s awkward timing comes with gifts. Following her road trip in 1994, and getting her magic back, Bonnie also found Silas’s cure. Obviously Bonnie has no use for it, so gives it to Damon because back in season 4 he wanted it for Elena but that might not be the case anymore. Would she take it? or who will take it? Also will Lily trigger Stefan’s humanity? To find out we have to wait until April 16th for all new episodes, yep that’s right people we have another hiatus.

Check out the promo below for the next episode, where the family reunion probably won’t be a happy one.


The Vampire Diaries returns Thursday April 16th at 8/7c on The CW

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