#TheVampireDiaries 6×19 Recap: Vampire Rehab

Following last week’s episode, Stefan has turned it all back on and is ready to find Caroline. Stefan, Damon and Elena come up with a plan to help Caroline flip the switch but what Caroline doesn’t know is, Stefan has already regained his humanity.

Having found her, Stefan plays his part of no humanity Stefan, to which Caroline seems none the wiser. The two end up in a B&B, and when Stefan rings for ‘towels’, Caroline’s in for a big surprise. Thinking she’s about to get a tasty towel girl meal, Damon shows up and vervain’s the hell out of her, Stefan also get’s a shot of vervain to keep the ruse up.

It’s been three days in vampire rehab for Steroline, and Caroline still doesn’t know Stefan is in on the plan. Now that the two are awake, it’s time for operation save Caroline and Elena’s up first. Thinking a letter from her mom will trigger some emotion, Elena delivers the letter to the newly vampire proofed B&B, but Caroline couldn’t give a damn and burns the letter. She’s gonna regret that later.

While Damon and Elena are on vampire rehab watch, Damon decides to play a little hypothetical game of, if you were human. Elena plays along and dreams up a perfect life for herself and Damon, and there’s even kids involved. This game obviously has something to do with that little thing called the cure, and whether or not Elena would still want to be with him if she were human.

Over at the Salvatore house, Lily finds out the ascendant has been stolen. Thinking it was Damon she ends up blackmailing him, she wants the ascendant and in return he can have the cure back. The problem is he doesn’t have the ascendant, Bonnie does.

While Elena stays at vampire rehab to keep an eye on things, Damon heads to Whitmore to find Bonnie. Now I thought their friendship was growing but no Damon still uses Bonnie to get what he wants. Having tried to bribe Bonnie with a fancy coffee, Damon wants something in return, the ascendant. There’s one problem through, Bonnie isn’t about to hand over the one thing that’s keeping her safe from Kai.

Back at vampire rehab, Caroline’s caught on and has finally realised that Stefan has had his humanity on all this time. And while she’s livid about the betrayal, she’s also been drained of blood and starved for three days making her weak enough for Stefan to get inside her head.

While we all think she’s managed to escape, it turns out, it’s all in her head and Stefan has given her an alternate reality, one in which Caroline is arrested by her mom. When she gets back to reality, Stefan gives her one of his memories of Liz, and it looks like Caroline might actually be feeling something. Once the memory is over, Caroline wants more, and finally Caroline has flipped the switch back on. But now, she has to deal with all the emotions, the shame, the guilt and the sadness, good job she has Stefan to look out for her. Remember when I said she’d regret burning that letter, yup she does, and it leaves her in a state of despair knowing she will never know what her mom wanted to tell her.

Having been blackmailed by mommy dearest, Damon needs to get the ascendant back. Getting it back though might be a little tricky, because Bonnie is about to destroy it. Damon gives her the 411 and when Bonnie decides to give him it back so he can exchange it for the cure, he doesn’t take it.

Back at the Salvatore house, Damon doesn’t have the ascendant for Lily, so following through with her threat she burns the cure, but Damon doesn’t seem too bothered. Clearly, he had no plans to tell Elena about the cure. Just when we and Damon think the cure is gone forever, Elena shows up and finds the cure in the kitchen. Lily’s decided a better betrayal for Damon is to actually give Elena the cure rather than destroying it.

Later, Enzo finds Lily in the middle of the street and Mama Ripper has returned. Will this cause problems for the Salvatore brothers? Will she be running around Mystic Falls on a murder spree?

We know why Damon didn’t tell Elena about the cure, because he wants to live with her forever and he’s also scared she won’t love him anymore once human again. But now that Elena knows about the cure, she has to decide if she wants to take it, or spend an eternity with Damon, even though there are other eligible candidates for the cure, *cough* Stefan. Elena isn’t sure if she wants it or not, but then Damon gives everyone the surprise of a lifetime, he’ll take it with her and they can be human together. One thing that’s bothering me is though, Damon never wanted to be human, and the whole human life thing, was something Stelena wanted with each other. So the question is, why has Damon had a change of heart? And why has this now been made into a Delena thing?

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