#TheVampireDiaries 6×21 Recap: I’ll Wed You in the Golden Summertime

It’s the day of Jo and Alarics wedding and while Jo thinks everything and anything can go wrong, I don’t think she was counting on the fact that it would be gate crasher Kai who would be ruining her big day.

To help prepare for the wedding Elena enlists the help of Bonbon, who’s having weird dreams about Mama Salvatore, it probably doesn’t help that wedding preparations are happening above the newly imprisoned Mama vamp.

While Jo frets about the wedding, the wedding planner picks the worst timing ever to get sick leaving Jo more panicked. Now if only they knew someone who was good at planning, a control freak and knows how to throw a party, oh wait they do, Caroline. Good job she’s back on the humanity train to help out.

Caroline gets into full swing with the wedding preparations, and in natural Caroline fashion assigns jobs to everyone, oh how I’ve missed the old Caroline.  While everyone’s getting ready, Caroline takes the opportunity to apologise starting with an easy one, apologising to Elena, then eventually working her way up to Stefan, which let’s be honest will probably be awkward.

Elena fills Caroline in on the Damon wants to be a human shock news, and I’m with Caroline, I can’t picture Damon human, he loves been a vampire too much. But to make Damon see what a human life will look like, Stefan takes him on a little road trip.

To get Damon to truly think about what a human life will look like, Stefan takes him to one of the houses he used to live in on his many attempts to start his life over. He shows Damon how much responsibility and how boring a human life will be. Both Stefan and Elena think Damon hasn’t really thought this whole human life thing through, but to everybody’s surprise, he actually has, he’s found a bar to buy which is also near a medical centre so Elena can become a doctor. Damon is full of surprises, so maybe he does want to be human but I still can’t picture it.

It looks like wedding preparations have gotten to Jo, as she ends up in the hospital. Not to worry though, she and the babies are fine. Although I’m pretty sure she’s probably craving a beer or bourbon at this point.

Now that Damon’s surprised Stefan with his human life plan, Elena who’s is actually the one making Stefan persuade Damon out of it, tells him to push harder to get Damon to see sense. So it’s time for Stefan to pull out the big guns and literally show Damon what human looks like, by getting in his head.

Stefan paints quite the imperfect life for Damon and Elena, and at one point even kills her off, showing Damon what life without her could be. I also just want to point out that, yes I get it Damon wants to be with Elena, but Stefan has wanted a human life so badly, look at how much he’s tried to be human, yet it might be Damon that takes the cure from Elena.

It’s wedding time, the guests are arriving and Caroline’s avoiding Stefan by all means possible. Stefan gives Elena the 411 about the road trip and Stefan even manages to make a little joke, about Elena swapping brothers again. Stefan doesn’t want Damon to take the cure, and truly believes Damon won’t want to give up his vampire nature, because he came into himself once transitioned.

Over at the Salvatore’s, Bonnie’s told Matt all about her nightmares, and enlists his help in taking Lily down. There’s a slight problem though, when they get to the basement she’s gone. Not only is she gone, but both Matt and Bonnie are attacked by an invisible being, leaving them unconscious on the floor.

Jo’s made it to the wedding, and gets a nice surprise when her dad offers to walk her down the aisle. After doing her best to avoid Stefan, Caroline runs out of excuses to run off, it’s time for her and Stefan to have that nice awkward talk. While Stefan pretty much tells her he’s falling in love with her, Caroline lists all the horrible things that have happened since falling for him, it looks like these two might not work out.

After a little soul searching, Damon’s made it back in time for the wedding, and he’s decided to take the cure, not for him but for them. He’s decided to give up his vampirism for a chance to be a husband, and father, aww Damon, who knew you’d be a family man.

While everyone’s at the wedding, Matt wakes up in the Salvatore basement to find Bonnie still unconscious and bleeding, but who did this to her, I guess we’ll find out in a minute.

As the wedding gets into full swing, and it looks like this thing might actually go off without a hitch, a special guest gate crashers, yep Kai’s made it out of the 1903 prison world. But where are the others? Well Lily goes looking for them, although she doesn’t have much look.

Still at the wedding, Kai’s wedding gift to the happy couple isn’t something anybody would want. As Jolaric say their vows, a cloaked Kai takes the opportunity to stab Jo, leaving her bleeding in Alaric’s arms. I really wanted a happy ending for Alaric and now it looks like the twins are dead and Jo might be following.

As Jo lays dying, Kai surprises the rest of the guests, with a few not so nice magic tricks, which leaves Elena either dead or unconscious on the floor, but looking at next week’s promo it looks like it might be the former. Will Elena and Jo survive? Can Elena really be dead in her last ever episode? We hope not, although I hope Jo isn’t dead either.

Check out the promo for next week’s finale below. Warning it may leave you a little teary.


The Vampire Diaries finale airs Thursday May 14th at 8/7c on The CW

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