#TheVampireDiaries 6×22 Recap: Goodbye Elena Gilbert, See You in Another Life Time

Has everyone recovered yet? Just like Damon, it might take us a while to get used to the idea of life without Elena Gilbert.

It’s time to say goodbye to Elena and not everyone is handling it very well. Damon’s up first and this is definitely a scene we’ve seen many a times from him. While Damon lies in the middle of the road for Elena, where they first met, way back in 2009, Elena has no idea just how bad things are. Although she’s not an idiot she knows something’s up but Damon’s not about to ruin the moment by telling her just how bad.

The episode flashes between Elena’s goodbye’s and real life and while we start with Damon’s goodbye, which won’t be the last we see of that, we then head back to that disaster of a wedding.

Now, this is not ok, Jo’s dead, why? Why did Jo have to die? She was like the perfect woman for Alaric, she loved to drink, eat, I mean come on what was not to love, she was awesome.

However she wasn’t the only Gemini member to die. With Kai’s return comes an even bigger surprise, he’s about to kill himself and every Gemini coven member with him. But that’s not even all, Lily reveals to Stefan that Kai wanted her blood, so not only did everyone die but Kai comes back as a vampire slash Heretic.

While everyone lies dying thanks to Kai, Liv and Tyler have a touching moment, in which Liv sacrifices her dying self so Tyler can live. A reluctant Tyler takes Liv up on her offer, and as it’s a full moon, Tyler’s dog days are back, however this spells trouble for our favourite vamps and for newly turned vampire Kai.

When Damon gets Elena to the hospital, the doctors can’t find anything physically wrong with her, but Kai has answers to that one.  When Bonnie finds the video recorder over at the Salvatore’s, she finds herself at the end of Kai’s sick plan as to why Elena isn’t dead but is in a coma like state.

Now Kai’s one to hold a grudge, I mean that’s a given, he’s crazy. So when Bonbon left him for dead in the 1903 prison world, Kai came back with revenge in mind. What is that revenge plan? Well, he’s decided to link Bonnie and Elena’s lives together, so as long as Bonnie is alive, Elena will stay in her magic like coma, and once Bonnie bites the dust, Elena will magically awake, it’s kinda like their own version of sleeping beauty. Plot twist though, if bonnie attempts to find a way around this, then the both of them will die and I don’t think anybody wants that.

Poor Alaric’s had to carry his new dead wife to the car, where it looks like he’s ready to contemplate suicide, but before we have another Alaric death on our hands (which BTW I don’t think any of us could handle, the last time was tough enough) he sees Kai. If Kai wasn’t a heretic at this point things would be looking pretty bleak for him round about now. But hold, remember it’s a full moon out, and Tyler has a little gift he’d like to give Kai himself, a nice little werewolf bite, welcome back Kai.

It’s Ric’s turn to say goodbye to Elena, and as you can imagine he’s not really up for saying bye to Elena, he’s already lost Jo. As the two train, Elena lets him in on how to deal with grief, which as we all know she’s become quite the expert on.

Stefan’s up next, and what’s more fitting for these two than the hike he took her on when they thought it was going to be her last day as a human. Here we also find out that these goodbye ‘dreams’ are Elena’s choice of the perfect goodbye. Naturally Stefan can’t bring himself to say a final farewell, but she’ll be back in like 60 or 70 years, what’s that to a vampire, it’s hardly anything, Stefan said so himself back in season three.

Back at the hospital, Stefan and Caroline arrive to be with Elena, and now is the time these two take to talk about the future of their relationship. Caroline at the moment however wants to be there for Stefan as a friend and it’s actually acknowledged that Stefan and Elena were soulmates.

While Kai’s got his revenge, it’s now Bonnie’s turn. When Bonbon arrives to the aftermath of the wedding to find Kai, she finds herself defeated and possibly left for dead. When Damon shows up looking for the newly turned vampire/ Heretic, he’s left with a choice, save Bonnie and leave Elena in her coma or leave Bonnie to die so Elena can live. And just when we think Damon’s not changed at all and is just his selfish self, he surprises everyone and saves his Bonbon.

Back in Delena’s dream, Elena finds out about Kai’s twisted plan and is happy and I don’t think surprised at all that he choose Bonnie and for once choose the self-less choice, well she did always see the good in him and knew he had good in him somewhere.

Over at the Salvatore’s it’s Bonnie and Caroline’s turn to say their final farewell’s and is it me or does Caroline look a little chipper to say she’s not going to see Elena for a loooonnnng time.

Back at her old house, in her old bedroom, Elena tells both of them to write everything down so she can read it when she comes back. As Caroline will get to see her again one day, she leaves Bonnie and Elena to have their own moment. Elena asks for two favours from Bonnie, 1, let her do this one sacrifice for her, so Bonnie can live and 2, to see the feather trick one last time.

Don’t think Matt’s been forgotten about. Elena’s painted quite the picture for Matt, standing on Whickery Bridge, Elena’s made him a Sheriff and the two give Elena a funeral speech just like they did back in season three.

The best surprise this episode was Jeremy, unable to make it to the wedding, he’s back just in time to say one last goodbye to his big sis. At this point, does Elena know he’s been hunting vampires, or does she still think he’s an art student? Because she’s quite happy for him knowing he’s happy doing what he was born to do. Although it’s probably not a good idea to bring up the whole hunter thing when this will be the last time he sees her for a while.

This was something we never really saw on TVD, just Tyler and Elena together, but she uses her time wisely, the two have a short and sweet moment where she tells him to get the hell out of Mystic Falls and find his purpose in life.

Still at the Salvatore’s, it’s Stefan’s turn to say goodbye, we’ve already seen a little of their dream together, and this last hurrah really gives Stelena the closure that was needed. Elena takes the opportunity to thank him for bumping into her on their first day of school, and for everything he did for her, from saving her life, to making her want to live again. And it feels like old Stelena for a minute as she tells him she loves him and he knows her better than anyone, argh the feels.

Having got information of Kai that her ‘family’ has made it out of 1903, Lily heads to what looks like a shipping yard to find them. Having searched all night, she’s had no luck in finding them, but once Kai died, a building that wasn’t there before is now there, and what’s inside? The Heretics, I wonder what trouble they will be bringing next season?

It’s time to keep Elena safe from all things supernatural. The brothers move her to the Salvatore family crypt and in order to keep her safe, Bonnie’s spelled it so no one can enter not even Damon, we don’t want vampires coming in trying to take the cure from her, now do we.

It’s now Damon’s turn to say his final farewell, and what’s more fitting than one last dance between the two. Elena wants him to move on and live his life, but Damon has ideas of his own that involve him not dealing with it, and basically desiccating until her return, I can see it now, Damon’s going to be wreaking havoc next season.

Over at Caroline’s, Stefan admits his feelings for her, and while Caroline’s not ready for a relationship, it’s Stefan that makes a bold move, he knows he loves her and so he will wait for her, when she’s ready.

A few months, has now passed and life without Elena looks pretty grim. Mystic Falls has gone to hell and on top of the clock tower stands Damon, who doesn’t seem to be handling an Elena less life very well. But hey, Matt’s made Sheriff, so one good thing has come out of the time jump.

And that’s it folks, for this season, until October, when it’s the Salvatore brothers vs the Heretics, plus Mommy and we’ll see you Elena again soon, we hope.


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