#TheVampireDiaries Season Six Finale Theories

We’ve come to the end of yet another season and I can’t be the only one who feels like we’re still on season three or something, it’s gone that fast.

Each season finale we see a major death but none of us counted on that the one major death this year could be Elena Gilbert. This finale will definitely be different to the others, as we know Elena will not be coming back, and we’re all anticipating what season seven will look like and more importantly how it will work.

In the penultimate episode last week, we saw Elena left unconscious, Jo dying in Alaric’s arms, Steroline trying to move forward and Kai’s dramatic return.

I’ll admit, I’m not even sure how this season will end, but in the anticipation of the finale, we have four theories of our own that we think might happen in Thursday’s finale.


Elena survives

Elena can’t die can she? I mean she can’t die, I refuse to think she might be dead. After everything this girl has gone through, she can’t just die at the last hurdle, that’s not a satisfying ending to the story of Elena. As this is The Vampire Diaries, I’ve been thinking that Julie must have a trick up her sleeve, but how would Elena survive? Body swap, magic coma, the possibilities would be endless. On the other hand, maybe it’s what most people are thinking, she survives, and Damon compels her to leave town and forget everything about vampires.


The Heretics are coming

This one’s a given to be honest, we all know they’re going to arrive at some point, it’s inevitable. Kai’s made it out, but did he escape on his own? I don’t think so, these crazy dudes will arrive in Mystic Falls in due course and I predict they will be the big bad for season seven. Good job Bonbon’s gone a little cray cray, she might just be able to take them on.


Steroline happens

After everything that’s happened with these two, just make it happen already. I think we’ve all come to the end of the whole will they won’t they saga. Now that Elena might be a goner and we know Tyler’s leaving, I think it’s safe to say there’s nothing stopping these two anymore. Their relationship has taken so long to even get off the ground, it’s now or never, stop torturing us with it Julie Plec.


Tyler leaves town with Liv

We all know Michael’s also leaving the show, but how he leaves is still a mystery. At the moment I’m still unsure how he will actually leave, but could he leave town with Liv? Maybe Tyler’s had enough of Mystic Falls and a life with Liv outside of vampire town looks a lot more promising than living in a town full of death and supernatural beings. I have to admit, I was liking the idea of Matty blue and Ty becoming cops, now we’ll just have to take Matt in uniform instead. Although, there has been rumours we might see Tyler again in season seven so this might not be the end of him just yet.


The Vampire Diaries finale airs Thursday May 14th at 8/7c on The CW

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