This Week in #TeenWolf: First S5 Teasers, Taking the MTV Movie Awards By Storm, & More

Hey there, Teen Wolf fans! Another week has gone by, and we’re back with all the Beacon Hills news you may have missed–from the first teasers for Season 5 (!!!) to MTV Movie Awards domination, guest spots, scary Skype calls in Unfriended, and more.

Production Update

The Doctors Will See You Now – First Teasers for S5 Revealed

What could be more exciting than getting our first official look at the upcoming season of Teen Wolf? We got not one, but two short teasers this week. The first, which was unveiled at the MTV Movie Awards, is seriously creepy (though did we really expect anything less?) We hope you’re up-to-date on your medical needs, because you’ll never want to see a doctor again after watching this.

We also got a brief second teaser, which warns to “watch your pack”–and back. It may only be a 15-second video, but we have plenty of thoughts about it, which you can find here.

MTV also updated the description on their Teen Wolf page, giving us a little more insight into the upcoming season:

On the eve of Senior Year, Scott and his friends find themselves facing the possibility of a future without each other, a next phase of their lives that might take them in different directions despite their best intentions. Little do they know that outside forces are already plotting to break the pack apart long before they ever see graduation. New villains that use a combination of science and the supernatural for a malevolent and mysterious purpose that will eventually pit Scott and his friends against their greatest enemy yet.

Let us know your thoughts and theories about these sneak peeks in the comments! We’ll be sharing our two cents on the new description very soon.

Tyler Posey Teases S5 at MTV Movie Awards

The MTV Movie Awards took place over the weekend, and several Teen Wolf stars were in attendance–including our own Scott McCall himself, Tyler Posey. Tyler took some time on the blue carpet to tease what we can expect from Scott and the show this season. “This next season… It is really dark. It follows along on whatever path Teen Wolf is going, which is always dark and always better. The acting is intense. There’s more Scott and Kira, there’s more Stiles and Malia–everybody’s just really passionate about this season behind the scenes which is what I love,” he said. “There’s definitely some new awesome crazy villains that are really fun to play with and scary. Scott has a mental breakdown at one point, which is great, I can’t wait for that.” Oh, and Scott and Kira will go on an official date this season!

Tyler also revealed his ideal kiss, if you’re interested in that sort of thing.

Such a Tease

Arden Cho tweeted a mysterious teaser for a scene she was very excited to shoot. We’re happy to hear that there are are more awesome Kira scenes in-store–can’t wait to see this one!

Look Who’s Back!


look who’s here!! So good to see you @meagantandy #badass #bikerchick


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Meagan Tandy was spotted on the Teen Wolf set–looks like Braeden may officially be back for Season 5!

‘Teen Wolf’ Stars Take the MTV Movie Awards By Storm



The real winner of this year’s MTV Movie Awards? Dylan O’Brien. The Teen Wolf and Maze Runner star won in three of the four categories he was nominated in: Best Hero, Best Breakthrough Performance, and Best Fight (with Will Poulter). Though Dylan was unable to attend the ceremony, he tweeted a heartfelt thanks to his fans (1 / 2 / 3).

In the fashion department, Holland Roden killed it on the blue carpet, landing on several Best Dressed lists with her Caterina Gatta dress–a bold choice we loved.

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for MTV

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for MTV

The other cast members in attendance–Tyler Posey, Arden Cho, Dylan Sprayberry, and Khylin Rhambo–also looked pretty fab, just saying.



Posey Takes on ‘Ridiculousness’

Tyler Posey guest starred on MTV’s Ridiculousness this week, weighing in on ridiculous viral videos with host Rob Dydrek and the cast. In this clip, Posey talks about his Teen Wolf powers before watching a few videos of people who have some wolf senses of their own. Did you catch the episode?

Are You Ready for ‘Unfriended’?

Shelley Hennig’s Unfriended is in theaters today! The horror film takes place entirely on a computer screen–a unique premise that we’re sure will be very interesting to experience on the big screen. We had the chance to chat with the cast at WonderCon, and we’ll be sharing our coverage very soon! Let us know if you’ll be checking out Unfriended this weekend.

Convention Update



We had a great time at BiteCon last weekend–thanks to those of you who attended the Fashion Panel we co-hosted! You can check out a ton of great photos from the convention here. Guests of Honor Arden Cho, Ryan Kelley, Linden Ashby, Susan Walters, JR Bourne, Meagan Tandy, Sinqua Walls, and Keahu Kahuanui didn’t give too much away regarding Season 5, but we did learn that we will see Parrish’s apartment this season and that Natalie Martin (Susan Walters) is Beacon Hills High School’s new guidance counselor. Pretty interesting!

Howler Con announced their winning Saturday night party theme–get ready to go mask shopping.



That’s it for this week’s Teen Wolf news! If horror movies are your thing, check out Unfriended this weekend–and otherwise, enjoy yourself by re-watching the Season 5 teasers on repeat. We’ll see you next week!

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