This Week in ‘Teen Wolf’: Bloopers, THAT Marrish Kiss, and More

Happy Friday, Teen Wolf fans! After another (*Mason voice*) intense episode of Teen Wolf, we’re still trying to pull ourselves together as we exist in a constant state of worry for the wellbeing of our favorite supernatural teens. As we continue the long wait for MoonDay, here’s your weekly recap of all the Teen Wolf news you may have missed:

This Week’s Episode



“Ouroboros” left most of the pack at the lowest they’ve ever been. Scott is wracked with guilt over the Dread Doctors and the harm they’re causing, which – in combination with his “must save everyone all the time” heroism – is causing a rapid downward spiral of rash decisions and emotional and physical turmoil. Stiles’ lies are beginning to catch up with him. Malia may be in imminent danger from her mom, the newly revealed Desert Wolf. Lydia’s foreshadowed Eichen House stay draws ever nearer. Kira’s kitsune problems are only getting worse. And Liam… Well, Liam and Hayden are in the clutches of the Dread Doctors. Check out our recap of this week’s episode here.

Blooper Time!

Thanks to the After After Show, check out these hilarious bloopers from this week’s episode! Poop jokes and laughter abound.

The ‘Teen Wolf’ Cast Share Their Favorite Movies

The Teen Wolf cast dished on their favorite movies – the three movies they would pick if they could only watch those three for the rest of their lives. Spoiler alert: Ryan Kelley picks the Lord of the Rings trilogy. As if we needed any more reasons to want to propose to him.

Tyler Posey Dishes on Season 5 for ‘The Talk’

Tyler Posey appeared on The Talk this week to discuss Teen Wolf Season 5, being a role model, his infamous 2014 SDCC cartwheel/toe-breaking incident, his first kiss (with Miley Cyrus!) and more. Check out the video above.

Arden Cho Talks Scott and Kira’s “Struggles” & More



What does the future hold for Kira? This answer is more unclear than ever now that our favorite kitsune has departed Beacon Hills indefinitely, with no end to her supernatural struggles in sight. Arden Cho spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about her character and what may be in store for Kira and her relationship with Scott.  “[Kira,] along with the audience, is going to be very confused, wondering what this all means,” Cho said. “There is definitely something evolving with her powers.”

She also discussed how she sees Kira’s post-grad life. “I don’t know if I see Kira as a college girl — I think if Scott goes to college, she’ll want to go to college with him,” she said. “I think she’ll want to keep the pack together. I think she’s going to want to keep growing as a kitsune and figuring out her powers.”

Check out the full interview on The Hollywood Reporter.

Ryan Kelley Tells All About That Kiss



Ryan Kelley talked to TVLine about that disgusting kiss with Lydia (probably the only time the word “disgusting” will ever be used in that context), his infamous naked Parrish scenes, and more – including when we can expect to discover his supernatural identity. “You will get many of the answers you’ve been waiting for [before Season 5A ends],” he teased.

Ryan also revealed that the kiss with a very charred Lydia was not too fun to film. “As horrible as it looked on TV, it was a hundred times worse actually filming it. We had to do multiple takes from multiple angles of her basically sucking my face off,” he said. “You see it really quickly on camera, but it took forever, and it was not that much fun. She was covered in slime and blood and it was disgusting. Holland’s a trooper for getting in that makeup for that one scene.”

Visions aside, what should we make of Parrish and Lydia’s growing connection? “Parrish is a little bit older than Lydia, but she’s also wise beyond her years. She’s extremely intelligent, and I think her character is more mature than most girls her age, which helps his connection with her,” Ryan said. “It’s not for sure that they’re going to be romantic, but he’s been having these hallucinations, which I don’t find to be strange at all — she’s a beautiful girl and he’s a male. A huge part of their connection is also that Lydia is trying to help Parrish figure out what he is, so he’s very vulnerable. Is he dangerous? Is he not? What makes him tick? It’s the same thing Lydia went through when she found out she’s a banshee, so she’s helping him baby-step his way through this.”

Check out the full interview on TVLine.

Get Ready for Scorch

via @MazeRunnerWW

via @MazeRunnerWW

Though we post our full Maze Runner coverage separate from Teen Wolf, we wanted to be sure to let you all know that we are finally able to share our inside stories from the Scorch Trials set. Dylan O’Brien and several of his Scorch Trials co-stars shared their zombie (/Crank) apocalypse survival strategies, and Game of ThronesAidan Gillen told us all about his enigmatic character, Janson (a.k.a. Rat-Man). We have lots more Scorch Trials goodness coming up over the next few weeks, so stay tuned!


That’s it for this week’s Teen Wolf news! Check back next week for more Teen Wolf coverage – and don’t forget to keep voting for the show and its stars for the Teen Choice Awards, taking place this Sunday, August 16.

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