This Week in Teen Wolf: The Origins of the Dread Doctors, SDCC Panel, & More

Hello again, Teen Wolf fans! Brace yourselves, because we are now just THREE DAYS away from the premiere of Season 5! As such, we have tons of news to share this week, from the latest on the new season to what’s up with the cast. Let’s get right to it:

New Opening Credits Give Us Feelings, Nightmares

As per tradition, Teen Wolf has updated the opening credits for the new season. In case you haven’t seen the video yet, you can check it out above. Can we just say that we’re totally obsessed with the new version? Though Tyler Hoechlin’s absence is very sad, Dylan Sprayberry shines in his segment as our new series regular. Arden Cho is also a standout, featured with both kissing and a katana–what’s not to love? The other major stars of the new credits? The Dread Doctors. The new, steampunk-esque villains stalk the credits (and our nightmares tonight, probably), working on experiments and giving off a seriously creepy vibe. We’re excited to be one step closer to the new season with these fab opening credits!

The Dread Doctors’ Real Life Inspiration is Terrifying



As if Teen Wolf‘s Dread Doctors weren’t terrifying enough, Jeff Davis revealed to E! Online that the new villains actually have some equally creepy real life origins. “There are a variety of influences on these guys, going back from German experiments on humans in World War II to the steampunk aesthetic, the gas-masks, and going back to Plague Doctors during the Bubonic plague,” he said. “We drew on all those things, but this is actually one of the times were we did our own creating. We call them scientists who worship the supernatural and they have a very specific agenda in Beacon Hills and they are going to get in Scott’s way quite a bit.”

We’ve shared our own theories about the Dread Doctors already, and this new information gives us even more to think about. We’re nervous/excited to find out more about just what they’re doing in Beacon Hills.

Oh, and for the first time in the show’s history, these villains will be sticking around for more than one season. Why is that? “They will evolve,” director Russell Mulcahy teased for E! Online. “The real teaser, which won’t be revealed until next season, is what’s behind the mask.” Better start catching some extra Z’s while you still can… We’re not sure we’ll be getting much nightmare-free sleep when Season 5 starts airing.

More on Season 5

MTV / Zap2It

MTV / Zap2It

In other Season 5 news, Zap2It talked to Shelley Hennig about what’s in-store for Malia–which, it turns out, are concerns of the more human variety. “The challenges I have had with playing Malia this season is that she’s going through emotions we’ve never seen her go through before — a lot of them are very human,” Hennig says. Will these human challenges have an impact on her relationship with Stiles?  “Malia probably can’t get into the same college that Stiles can get into, so there may be a crossroads with their future planning,” she said. We’ll have to wait and see whether senior year makes or breaks Stalia for good.

Hollywood Life shared a little more insight into how Theo’s (Cody Christian) arrival will affect the pack. As fans have speculated, Theo will cause something of a rift between Scott and Stiles. “Stiles doesn’t trust him,” Tyler Posey shared, explaining that we can expect to see an argument between the two friends over whether to trust the lone wolf. Hollywood Life also confirms that “Theo isn’t exactly who he says he is, so when the truth is uncovered, ish may hit the fan.” Color us intrigued!

Finally, MTV shared another Season 5 preview clip on the MTV app–and it’s HILARIOUS, so get on that ASAP!

Take In the ‘Teen Wolf’ Exhibit in NYC

The Teen Wolf Fan Art Exhibit we told you about last week has now officially opened! We were on-site for the Grand Opening with special guests Jeff Davis and Tyler Posey, checking out the fan art and chatting with fans. Don’t miss our exclusive interview with Jeff Davis and report from the exhibit! If you’re in the NYC area, you can stop by the Art Directors Club to check out all the awesome fan art for yourself through July 2.

‘Teen Wolf’ Set to Return to SDCC


Teen Wolf has always had a major presence at San Diego Comic-Con, and this year will be no exception. We learned this week that the show will return for another panel on Thursday, July 9 at 5 PM in Ballroom 20. Kevin Smith shared the news on Twitter, announcing his role as moderator and Tyler Posey and Dylan O’Brien’s attendance. Though other guests have yet to be officially announced, the panel description indicates that Jeff Davis and additional members of the pack will be in attendance.

The panel description reads:

Teen Wolf cast members and executive producer are taking Comic-Con by storm for the sixth consecutive year. The pack of MTV’s hit series Teen Wolf will dish secrets, share a sneak peek of the upcoming season, and answer fan questions.

We hope to see you at the panel! Also, can we just say that we hope MTV brings along one of the Dread Doctors like they did with the Berserker last year? That would be seriously awesome.

MTV Fandom Awards



Speaking of SDCC, MTV has announced another wave of nominees for their 2nd annual Fandom Awards. You’ll definitely want to get your voting fingers ready, because Teen Wolf is nominated for “Fandom of the Year: TV Dramas” and Sciles (a.k.a. Skittles–Scott and Stiles) is nominated for “Ship of the Year”!

Cast your vote for “Fandom of the Year” here. “Ship of the Year” voting takes place exclusively on Tumblr, so be sure to like and reblog this post to vote for Sciles (and get your friends to do the same!)

The MTV Fandom Awards, hosted by Tyler Posey and Bella Thorne, will take place Thursday, July 9 at SDCC. If you can’t make the con, you can also catch The MTV Fandom Awards Special July 12 at 8 p.m. on MTV.

Tyler Posey & Dylan O’Brien Talk Brotherhood, Season 5 and Beyond



Tyler Posey and Dylan O’Brien are basically brothers, on-screen and off. The pair talked to BuzzFeed about their mutual respect and support, how this real life brotherhood will tie into Season 5, and their future involvement with Teen Wolf. The latter topic is very relevant–just as Scott and his pack are about to face the uncertainties of senior year and the potential separation it brings, Teen Wolf fans have yet to receive the news of a sixth season. Though such an announcement would likely be made during 5B, it’s still nerve-wracking–but Posey and O’Brien put our minds a little more at ease.

“I’m just very aware of what this show means to me and I would never, by my own hand, say it’s time for me to move on. I’m going to miss this show when it’s over,” O’Brien said. “Forever and ever this will be my first role, and that’s so special. As long as the stories are still being told, I will have a hand in telling them.”

Posey concurred. “Whenever we leave it’ll definitely be sad, but I love being here. I can’t imagine Teen Wolf without me — and I don’t mean that in a cocky way. It’s just that this is my home, my family. The support group I have on this set … dammit, I just really love these people.”

Check out the full feature here.

Tyler Posey Appears on ‘The Today Show’

In case you couldn’t tell, Tyler Posey has been doing some major promo for Season 5 this week. Our True Alpha appeared on The Today Show on Thursday (June 25), making his singing debut on national TV and talking all the things he loves about Teen Wolf.

Posey also appeared at an Apple “Meet the Actor” Q&A in Soho–we’ll link you to that as soon as it’s on iTunes!


Get ready… Teen Wolf returns on Monday, June 29 at 10 PM ET with “Creatures of the Night,” with Episode 2, “Parasomnia” to follow Tuesday, June 30 at 9 PM. Don’t forget to tune into Wolf Pack Trivia leading up to the premiere on Monday for your chance to win a trip to the Teen Wolf set! We’re excited to share that we’ll be live-tweeting BOTH of next week’s new Teen Wolf episodes with We So Nerdy! Tune in and tweet along for all the fangirling (and emotional support).

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