This Week in #TeenWolf: Premiere Date, PaleyFest, Changes for Tyler Hoechlin, & More

Welcome to the biggest Teen Wolf news week we’ve had all year. Though we’ve been getting little behind-the-scenes sneak peeks and teases, this week brought more specific teases concerning what we can expect for our Beacon Hills favorites in the new season (including, sadly, that we’ll be seeing a lot less of one of them), the winner of the Creature Feature contest, all the PaleyFest goodness, and so much more.

Season 5 Scoop

Since much of the new information concerning Season 5 was revealed at PaleyFest (whether in the panel or in interviews from the purple carpet), we’re combining our usual Production Update with the scoop from the event for this week. There was a ton of new information revealed, and we’ve combed through as many of the interviews as we can to bring you the most exciting information.

Premiere Date Revealed?

First off, we may have gotten our official premiere date for Season 5! The official Teen Wolf socials sent out a cryptic message reading only “6.29.15”–which has since been deleted. Seeing as this date fits the June timeframe we were expecting and falls on a Moonday, we’re inclined to believe that it is indeed the premiere date. Could the cryptic nature of the message and its subsequent deletion tie into the plot of the new season? We’ll have to wait and see! If you have any theories, let us know in the comments section.

BuzzFeed Tells All

BuzzFeed’s Jarett Wieselman (who moderated Teen Wolf‘s PaleyFest panel this week) recently took a little trip to Beacon Hills, talking with Jeff Davis and the stars while on set. Jeff Davis revealed what he and the other writers consider to be the season’s tagline: “The Rules Have Changed.” The supernatural world we have come to know and love will be “turned upside down”–looks like we need to prepare ourselves for another thrilling season. Of course, it will also be senior year for most of the central characters, so one major question will be whether the pack will–or can–stay together. Jeff explains:

There’s this strange thing: For some reason when you graduate high school, you leave all your best friends — why do you do that? There’s a moment in the first episode where Stiles asks that question aloud. He says, ‘If we’ve met the best people in our lives, why aren’t we trying to stay with them? Why do we try and go our separate ways?’ That’s the big fear of Season 5: Who’s going to go away? Much of the previous seasons were about Scott finding and building a pack; this is going to see him possibly losing it — possibly ending up on his own without his friends by his side, wondering how he’s going to face life without them.

Jeff also gave BuzzFeed a breakdown of what we can expect for each character specifically–in very general terms, of course. He says that “this is very much a season of secrets and how secrets can break a group of friends apart, and how people can lose faith in each other,” specifically teasing tension between Scott and Stiles and Stiles and Malia. Though we’ve seen these supernatural teens take on more than their fair share of creatures of the night, we haven’t seen too much tension within the group. We’re already getting nervous thinking about trouble in the paradise that is the pack friendships.

Make sure to check out the full article for more–including teases about new wolf Theo (Cody Christian), the major importance of Parrish (Ryan Kelley)–we get to find out what he is this season(!), though maybe not until the second half–and that characters such as Chris Argent (J.R. Bourne) and Peter Hale (Ian Bohen) should not be counted out just yet. Color us intrigued.

Days of the Wolf Reveals

Ashlee Palka

Ashlee Palka

In case you missed it, we also got some major information about the new season at the Days of the Wolf – Burbank convention last weekend. We learned that Coach (Orny Adams) will sadly not be returning this season, but that we can expect a new character in Liam and Mason’s grade (Victoria, which is more likely the actress’ name than the character’s). We also found out that Linden Ashby (Sheriff Stilinski) will be directing and choreographing some of the fight scenes for the new season, and that Lydia (Holland Roden) will be getting in on the action as well with her first action scene.

Tyler Hoechlin Dropping Series Regular Status

As if losing Coach weren’t bad enough, there’s another Teen Wolf fan favorite we won’t be seeing much of this season. Tyler Hoechlin (Derek Hale) will no longer be a series regular on Teen Wolf. However, before we make like Season 3B and lose our minds, it’s important to note that Hoechlin has been seen on set and will be back in some capacity.

Jeff Davis elaborated on the situation for MTV:

“Don’t count Derek Hale out just yet,” Davis explained. “It’s never easy to lose a series regular on the show, but it always comes from a place of respecting an artist — because all artists need to try new things. Personally, I’m looking forward to seeing the new characters that Tyler Hoechlin creates and can’t wait to have him back on our set as well.”

While we don’t want to give up any Derek time, we do wish Tyler all the best as he pursues more movies (especially since it doesn’t seem like he’ll be leaving Beacon Hills altogether). In the meantime, enjoy (/cry forever about) MTV’s 8 Reasons We’ll Miss Seeing Tyler Hoechlin in Beacon Hills.

New Cast Member

Linden Ashby casually revealed a new addition to the cast via Twitter this week: Ashton Moio. Ashton appeared as the male District 6 tribute in The Hunger Games and has also had roles on Twisted and NCIS. What kind of character do you think he will play, since he apparently shares a fair amount of scenes with Sheriff Stilinski?

Shelley Hennig Talks Desert Wolf, Stalia, & More



Before the craziness of PaleyFest this week, Shelley Hennig talked to EW about what we can expect from Malia this season, touching on her search for the Desert Wolf and her relationship with Stiles. We know Malia has struggled with her studies in the past, and now it sounds as though she may be in danger of being held back in school. So what kind of implications will that have for her character’s direction and interactions?

“As tough as nails as Malia can be, she’s also a teenager. Maybe [she’s] not as emotional as the other pubescent teenagers, but she’s still half human,” Hennig said. “I’m sure it’s a very confusing situation for her but I think she’s really good at compartmentalizing. And as an actor, I like to play her with a bigger intention in life, and I’m kind of playing around with like, what does Malia really want for her future? Does she want to be a part of certain people’s lives? Does she want to move on and find her own people? Does she want to be with the pack the rest of her life? I like to play around with future ideas. Hopefully Malia makes it to senior year because she’s had a rough go but she’s working really hard and I think that says a lot about what she wants in the future. I think she wants a good life.”

Check out the full article for more, including why we probably won’t be seeing Stiles and Malia say “I love you” any time soon and which other Teen Wolf star Shelley would like to have more scenes with.

PaleyFest Fever

Melissa Frost / Fangirlish

Melissa Frost / Fangirlish

PaleyFest, guys. The bite may be a gift, but PaleyFest was certainly one we’d like to experience again and again. The wolves descended on Los Angeles for an exciting evening discussing all things Teen Wolf–with special guests Jeff Davis, Tyler Posey, Dylan O’Brien, Holland Roden, Arden Cho, Shelley Hennig, Dylan Sprayberry, and surprise guest Crystal Reed on-hand to weigh in on Beacon Hills’ past, present, and future. If you weren’t able to attend the panel and/or missed the livestream, you can still watch the entire event right here. You can check out our photos from the event here.

Though we didn’t get many specifics on what to expect in Season 5, we did get a few tantalizing teasers–we’ll be focusing back in on the teens of Teen Wolf, there may be tension between the members of our favorite pack (maybe even Scott and Stiles), one of the season’s cold opens will be all about Lydia (yes, please!), and we can expect Stydia detective scenes, action, danger, and all that good stuff. But what did we learn from the interviews from the purple carpet?

  • Jeff Davis says this will be “a season of growing” and seeing whether Scott can keep his back of friends together. He also said that new character Theo (Cody Christian) and Scott have a past, which will be interesting to see. (Seat 42F)
  • Tyler Posey says Scott has progressed into a protector of the town–a superhero. He knows how to handle most things now, but he’s open to new ideologies and “is taking a real zen approach to things.” He’s more open-minded about where he wants to be. (Shine On Media)
  • Holland Roden says Lydia finally “gets to stretch her physicality muscle” and that the female relationships have grown a lot this season. (Shine On Media)
  • Tyler Posey and Arden Cho say Scira is heating up, and Arden says “everyone” gets some romance this season, which may cause some drama. (Seat 42F)
  • Could Stalia be coming to an end? Shelley Hennig says if Malia is smart, she’ll put romance on the back burner and focus on school. Dylan O’Brien affirmed that Stiles is supportive of Malia’s new focus on her studies, since he wants everyone to stay together and graduate at the same time. We’ll have to wait and see how this impacts their relationship. (Seat 42F)
  • However, things can’t be too rough for Stiles and Malia early on, as both Dylan and Shelley shared an awkward on-set moment from one of their kissing scenes.
  • Dylan O’Brien teases that Sheriff Stilinski may finally be moving on (to Melissa, please?) (Seat 42F)
  • Dylan Sprayberry says Liam is more a part of the pack this season–he has a sort of family now, which he hasn’t really had before. It’s a new experience for him to have so many people who care about him. He says we’ll also see a lot more of Liam and Mason’s friendship this season (yay!) (Shine On Media)

Creature Feature

We may not know who or what to expect as Season 5’s Big Bad, but now we do know at least one of the creatures we’ll be encountering in Beacon Hills this season. Introducing: the Sluagh!

Congratulations to Jessica Short! We can’t wait to see your creature brought to life–though we have to say, we’re a little concerned about whether we’ll ever sleep again once we do.

 Assorted Production News

As if all of that news weren’t enough, we also have some of our usual behind-the-scenes updates from set. We had to make sure everyone got to see Ryan Kelley’s latest #ParkingWithParrish picture, for starters:

Hanging with Bæ today #ParkingWithParrish

A photo posted by ryan kelley (@the_ryan_kelley) on

Tyler Posey showed off some minor werewolf injuries–looks like we’re in for some action.

I got a hickey from a werewolf

A photo posted by Tyler Posey (@i_love_harveys) on

The cast has also been tweeting about some late night shoots–even Susan Walters Ashby, who plays Mrs. Martin.

Convention Update

We have a few exciting updates on the convention front this week regarding new guests–all of whom are fairly new to the convention circuit.

Howler Con announced their second guest, Sinqua Walls (Boyd), who will be joining Daniel Sharman and more Teen Wolf stars TBA in New Jersey this November.

Bitecon announced two new guests for their Los Angeles convention, which will take place next month. Meagan Tandy (Braeden) will serve as Master of Ceremonies, and a dearly departed Beacon Hills favorite–Crystal Reed herself–will also be joining the line-up.

Bitecon is also giving you the chance to be a part of the con programming by submitting a fan panel proposal. Get all the details:

This Alpha is Joining Marvel’s ‘Daredevil’

Gideon Emery (Deucalion) is heading from Beacon Hills to the world of Marvel for Netflix’ Daredevil, releasing April 10. Emery and Nikolai Nikolaeff will play supporting characters “Vladimir and Anatoly, two Russian brothers looking to forge new names for themselves in America.” Read all about it here.

With so many major Teen Wolf updates this week, we want to know–what are you most excited for? Weigh in on any and all of the announcements in the comments or on Twitter.

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