This Week in #TeenWolf: Sluagh On Set, S4 DVD Features, @shelleyhennig at WonderCon, & More

Happy Friday, Teen Wolf fans! We’ve got your weekly update on what’s new in the Teen Wolf world, from your first look (sort of) at the Sluagh (the Creature Feature contest winner) to the exciting bonus features that will be included on the Season 4 DVD. We also have news relating to a variety of conventions, including WonderCon, where Shelley Hennig will be appearing this weekend.

Production Update

In case you missed it, Teen Wolf‘s fifth season premiered this week… Oh wait, that was just an April Fool’s joke from Tom T. Choi (Mr. Yukimura) that hit a little too close to home. Bummer!

via @mattymcd

via @mattymcd

In actual production news, we learned the IRL identity of the Sluagh, the terrifying creature that will be taking on Beacon Hills this season thanks to the Creature Feature contest. 16-year-old Texan Michael Lynch was tapped to bring the Sluagh to life. He spent two days on set last week for the role–one prep day and one filming day, reportedly at the same location used for Eichen House (as if this creature needed to be any more terrifying). Michael’s casting is really cool because he got the part through the Make-A-Wish foundation. Teen Wolf News shared:

His wish was to be an extra on Teen Wolf. Instead, because the timing was just right, he will become a lasting part of the Teen Wolf Universe as the very first Sluagh to appear on screen.Our source on set during the shoot says Jessica [Short]’s design and Mike’s performance combined to make the creature “terrifying.”

We can’t wait to see the Sluagh in action! You can follow its designer, Jessica, here and Michael here.

Season 4 DVD News

teen-wolf-s4 This week, we learned more about the upcoming Teen Wolf Season 4 DVD and all the cool special features it will include. Though Season 4 is already available via Amazon Prime streaming, fans will still have plenty of reasons to pick up the DVD when it hits stores on June 9. In addition to re-watching all the action with Kate, the Berserkers, the Benefactor, and Peter “I’ve Always Been the Alpha” Hale, fans who purchase the DVD set will also be able to enjoy:

  • “The Beasts of Beacon Hills” Featurette, which will showcase beasts throughout the history of Beacon Hills
  • Extended Episode – “Weaponized”
  • Gag Reels
  • Shirtless Montage
  • SFX Reel
  • Collectible Bestiary Book (for a limited time)

The Bestiary was previously only available during Comic-Con, and it is a very cool, must-have collector’s item for any Teen Wolf fan. We’re also excited to check out the special bonus features (who doesn’t love a gag reel?). You can pre-order the Season 4 DVD now from Amazon or your outlet of choice–you’ll have just enough time to binge before Season 5!

Cool Kickstarter Involving Daniel Sharman

Daniel Sharman took to Twitter to promote the Kickstarter for Soon You Will Be Gone, “an alien invasion film focused on one couple’s stand against cosmic forces beyond their control.” Daniel will star in the short film, which the team plans to use as a proof of concept for a feature length version of the same story, alongside Sophie Kargman (THE GIRLFRIEND GAME). The project has another Teen Wolf connection, too: it is based on a short story by Nick Antosca, a staff-writer for the show. Check out the campaign to learn more about the project and rewards including lunch with writer Nick Antosca (who also writes for Hannibal and the upcoming Friday the 13th reboot); Twitter shout-outs from Daniel, Sophie, or Nick; digital downloads of the finished film; and even a role in the movie!

Convention Update

via Unfriended Movie

via Unfriended Movie

We have a few exciting convention updates to share with you this week. First off, a little departure from our normal fan convention news–Shelley Hennig will be appearing at WonderCon this weekend to promote her upcoming horror film Unfriended. We will be interviewing the cast, so if you have any questions, send ’em our way! If you’ll be attending, you can see Shelley and the rest of the Unfriended cast during the Blumhouse Productions panel this Saturday at 5:00 PM.

As for fan convention news, BiteCon is rapidly approaching and has announced an exciting addition to the guest lineup–Sinqua Walls (Boyd)!

Yours truly will also be part of the winning Fan Panel at BiteCon–a panel about all things Teen Wolf fashion with Gloria of Teen Wolf Outfit Shoppe. If there are any outfits from the show that you are dying to see in person or know more about or any fashion-related topics you’d like us to cover, let us know in the comments, via Twitter, or at!

Last but certainly not least, HowlerCon is giving you the opportunity to help choose the theme of their Saturday night party. You can cast your vote here (we’re loving Black Light Party and Masquerade!)



Disney announced that a live action adaptation of Mulan is in development, and Twitter immediately voiced their support for Teen Wolf‘s own Arden Cho as the hero of China. We shared our take on why Arden would be the perfect one to get down to business to defeat the Huns, which you can check out here. Let us know if you agree!

That’s it for this week’s Teen Wolf news! Stay tuned for our WonderCon coverage including interviews with Shelley Hennig and the rest of the cast of Unfriended (questions welcomed!). One last reminder–don’t forget to cast your vote for Dylan O’Brien and The Maze Runner for the MTV Movie Awards, airing April 12!

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