Three Added As Series Regulars to ‘PANIC’

We’re looking forward to PANIC – as we look forward to many book adaptations. We’re always excited to see how they will bring the books that we love to life. We know that you all feel the same way about the books that you love.

Panic is about teenagers in a forgotten town that compete in an illegal competition that forces them to confront their deepest fears through a series of challenges. They are risking their lives for a chance to escape and win life changing money. Sounds kind of like The Hunger Games – we know. But it’s different. Sure only one can win, but hey – there are 47 players and their lives will forever be changed.

We had previously told you about Olivia Welch, Mike Faist and Ashlei Sharpe Chestnut have securing the lead roles in the adaptation, but now more people have been cast.

Ray Nicholson, Will Chase and Kevin Alves have landed series regulars roles in the adaptation. Nicholson will play Ray Hanrahan (“Big, good-looking and dangerous, Ray is the only kid you’d expect to succeed in a town like Carp: a high school apex predator.”), Chase is Sheriff Kean (“a man with an intimidating presence who keeps the local kids on edge. He lost his son to the competition and is hellbent on putting an end to the game for good.”), and Alves is set as Bishop (“Messy and kind of cute with a big heart, he is the best friend of Heather (Welch). Bishop has more of a chance than anyone to escape Carp but appreciates where he’s at in life at the moment.”)

Panic is being filmed by Amazon Studios YA. Are you looking forward to watching?