Three Added To The Cast of The White Princess


We kind of obsessed over The White Queen on Starz – but could you blame us? Max Irons. Need I say more? So we were thrilled when Starz announced that they were making The White Princess.

More greatness.

Three more are joining the cast. Amy Manson, Andrew Whipp and Patrick Gibson. Well technically they already joined, but we missed it. Our heads were probably buried in the sand cause the past few weeks have been insane.

Alex Kalymnios also signed on to direct three episodes of the series.

So who are these people playing?

Amy Manson has signed on to play Lady Catherine Gordon, cousin to King James IV of Scotland (we all know in those days, the Brits and Scots weren’t the biggest fans of each others). She politically motivated love interest of a young man who claims to be Prince Richard of York, rightful heir to the throne and Elizabeth’s long lost brother. Damn brothers coming out of nowhere. He is called “The Boy” and is played by Patrick Gibson. He’s hoping that one of the royal courts in Europe will support him and his claim.

Talk about some family drama.

Whipp completes the cast as Richard Pole, supporter and former soldier of Henry VII.

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