Three Reasons We Think Shadowhunters Stars Should Be At San Diego Comic Con

It’s been a few years since we walked into San Diego Comic Con and saw the cast of The Mortal Instruments. We miss them, but we are so excited for the cast of Shadowhunters that we could burst. While the cast is getting to know each other and filming has begun, we love the fact that they are getting super close. It’s going to come across in the film and while we know that they will be in the middle of filming the season, we’re hoping that they take a quick trip to San Diego for Comic Con. Here’s why –

There should be enough filming to be a sizzle reel by then.

It’s common that things debut at Comic Con, and we’re hoping that by then they would be able to splice together a sizzle reel. We know that we are going to have to wait until 2016 for the series to premiere, but there is nothing like building up buzz. San Diego Comic Con is one of the biggest con’s in the world and it would be a great place to build that connection with the press and get press from all over the world interested in the series.

We would like to get to see the cast interact with fans.

The entire fandom is excited to spend time with the stars of The Mortal Instruments. It’s a new cast that we don’t know really well and we are all anxious to get to know more about them. The great thing about cons is the fans get to interact with stars. Having spent time with the cast of the movie at Comic Con, it was a great experience which made us love them even more. We want to learn more and we feel like Comic Con would be a great chance for the fans to get to know them better.

That means interviews – and we can’t wait to hear all that the cast has to say.

It’s a great opportunity for the fans to get to know the cast. We know that there is a long time until the television show premieres and we have a lot of press to look forward to, but we’re anxious to learn more about Shadowhunters now. We feel as though we want to know things like initial reactions, the way that the fandom reactions affected them, what’s next. We want to hear from the actors and we feel as though Comic Con is a great place for that to happen.

Do you want to see the cast of Shadowhunters at Comic Con? What do you think?

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