Tinkerbell Set to Return to Once Upon a Time

iZombie’s Rose McIver is set to return to Once Upon a Time as the fairy Tinkerbell. According to TVLine and OUAT creators Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis, she’s set to return for a springtime episode.

With Sean Maguire’s return to the show, it makes sense that Tinkerbell is back. This unconventional fairy gave Regina a second chance when no else would and set her on her on the path to finding her true love Robin. She was also an integral part in the Neverland story arc in Season 3.

With the return of Tinkerbell, Ariel, and Charming’s dad, the second half of Season 6 is bound to be an adventure to be remembered!

Once Upon a Time returns for the second half of Season 6 in March.


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