#TMI Harsh Truths: Give It Up – You Won’t Be Getting The Movie Cast Back

I didn’t think that I would have to take to explaining as to why we are getting a new cast for Shadowhunters, but a lot of TMI Sites are getting people asking why we can’t have the cast of the movie. So let me break down the harsh truth for you.

1) Schedule. Most of them are busy. Jamie is doing a musical throughout this year. Lily is filming How to be Single. Aiden is in Poldark. Lena is in Game of Thrones. Even those who have projects that aren’t public most likely have projects. The TV show starts filming in a month. If they aren’t free then, then they can’t be cast. Cannot be, as in impossible.

2) The show itself: The show needs to start over, reboot, and differentiate itself from the film. It’s not going to do that by casting all the same actors. If the film had been successful, there might have been a chance, though even in cases where a show is spun off from a successful film (MASH, Ten Things I Hate About You) maybe one actor has crossed over, but this is rare.

3) Movie actors don’t necessarily want to do TV. Maybe a big budget premium cable show, but even then, mostly they know that if they commit that kind of time to a TV show they won’t be able to do films any more, and most of them want to do film. The contract for a show like TMI often stipulates what kind of outside projects you can do, and may even require you to do no films. It will also hold you to the role for five to seven years. For someone like Lily Collins, who is building a career in films, that would be impossible.

4) Budget. Movie actors cost a lot. A lot of the film actors got hefty paychecks. A single paycheck for one of them could be the budget of an entire episode with fresh-faced, lesser-known actors.

5) Contracts. Rumors say contractual stipulations forbid them from reprising their roles in the TV show anyway.

So complain all you want about the recasting (though if you were around for the casting of the film, it was much worse and more negative! The cast was hated!) but at least know that when you’re asking McG, and ShadowhuntersTV, and the other social media outlets for the production, to recast the film actors, you are wasting your time on something that will never happen. Wouldn’t you rather be asking them for something they can do — like stay true to the books?

Just food for thought.

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