TMI Thursday: Why TMI Is A Better Idea As a TV Show


So let’s talk. I mean let’s really talk.

I bet you are like me and you are wondering if you should be behind TMI TV. Will they screw up things like they did with the movie? Will they really listen to the fans? Will they pay attention to the source material?

And then there is the, what could make it a better TV series than a movie. TMI Source offered their opinion earlier this week, and now it’s our turn to give our opinion.

First of all – let me say that I think that many books get optioned for movies and they don’t need to be movies. They need to be TV shows. So I am excited that there is the possibility to do this right.

Here’s the reasons why I think that The Mortal Instruments would be better as a TV show –

More time to world build

The thing is in a movie, you have a limited amount of time, so the world building is quick and doesn’t have ample time to develop. You spend your time missing somethings, because the timing did not allow for the specifics. With television, the world unfolds over time – allowing you to be able to really see the specifics of the world and become involved in it.

Slow Burn with Ratings

With a movie we have to see it opening weekend. We, as fans, have a limited amount of time to make the budget back in order to have it green lighted to move forward. On a television show you have a longer amount of time in order to grow. If you have 2 million viewers, you are successful. In a movie, you need a higher amount of viewers in a shorter amount of time.

The Ability to Stick to the Source Material

Let’s face it – the book is a great road map and the movie ventured away from that. We now have the chance to go darker – to stay close to the book, to see the fights in the way that they are supposed to. It will also allow us to journey more into the adult Shadowhunters back story, which with the way Valentine is – that could be awesome. I really hope that we get to see the roots of the story.

The Ability to Go Darker

With television, you have the ability to go darker. And with this show – it has the potential to be like – say, Teen Wolf. It’s a completely dark show, but it’s what draws the fans in. I am hoping that the show does just that, and doesn’t make it fluffy and something that isn’t. I don’t want TMI to be something that it isn’t, I want it to be Shadowhunters. I want it to be like Game of Thrones or Outlander – where they source material is there and they use it. I want to see the werewolves transform, the vampires in the hotel, Simon as a rat…

The Ability for a New Cast

Stop yelling at me. I hear you yelling. But I don’t believe that the movie had the best cast possible, and I do believe that we have the chance to have a cast that we can all believe in. You all can yell and scream at me, but I know how many hateful emails we got about the cast – so I know that though many of you say keep it the same, you don’t always mean that. I think a new cast would be great and refreshing. This will allow us to get to know the characters better which will allow people to love the show and watch it.


What are your reasons for thinking that TMI would make a good TV show. Sound off and let us know!

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