#TMITV: Who Should Play Jace in ‘Shadowhunters?’

Yesterday, our friends over at TMI Source did a dream casting for TMI TV. TMI TV is supposed to get underway this year and that means that we’ll be getting a whole new cast.

One of the comments that we have been receiving the most is who will be cast. Who can take on the roles of Clary and Jace? We know that a lot of you want the movie cast to return, but we’re pretty positive that isn’t happening. So it begs the question – who will be cast in this TV show?

We’re all for Molly Quinn as Clary (who do we have to talk to for this – cause there is no one better), but then raises the question who would be best to play Jace?

Here’s our top choices –

Daniel Sharman.

Yes, I was pissed when Daniel Sharman’s character died on The Originals. I loved him. But the thing is thinking about it – Daniel could totally play Jace. First of all, he’s got the build – he’s muscular and scrawny. We’d prefer if they kept him with that accent and didn’t make him speak in an American accent. The actor has voiced the Clockwork Princess audio book, so is familiar with the Shadowhunter world. But he checks off all the most important for us – Good Actor, Hot, Can Play Cocky, Can Kick Ass, and that ACCENT!

Freddie Stroma.


The actor, who is best known for his part in Harry Potter and the upcoming Pitch Perfect 2, has the look and the pizzazz to carry off the half cocked attitude of Jace. And we’re looking at alot of pictures of him so we can guarantee that he looks good in black. He charmed us in Cinderella Story: Once Upon a Time. He’s checking off all the necessities on the list – Good Actor, Hot, Cocky, and that accent.

Alex Pettyfer.
He’s douchey, yes I know. But the thing is – he’s Pettyfer, and who everyone wanted as Jace. He’s a cocky sob, who looks a little too old now, but hey – that can be changed with some good lighting and makeup. We know he can be fit, he’s attractive, and he’s enticing. The good acting is up for debate – but hey – I am putting your suggestions in here.

Who do you want to see as Jace? Sound off for who you want in TMI Casting, and we’re going to gather your answers. Our voices will be heard, even if Constantin doesn’t want to listen.


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