Top 10 Delena moments on The Vampire Diaries

Damon and Elena - Delena It’s time to look back on the last eight years of Delena and see what epic moments they had together.

It wasn’t always epic kisses and declarations of love between these two. No, these two had a rocky road to romance. Elena didn’t always see Damon as the good guy, a guy that she could love forever, someone she saw a future with. Instead she saw someone that was selfish, murderess and hateful, but that all changed. Elena brought out the good in him, he wanted to change, he had be worthy of Elena.

Elena soon saw the good in Damon. Villains, siblings and romance problems brought them closer together. Elena could no longer deny her feelings for Damon and, well we all know Damon’s loved her since season one.

As their relationship blossomed, and they hit some rocky road along the way, it sure made some great moments. Here are out top 10 Delena moments.

Miss Mystic Falls dance – Season 1 Episode 19

We knew something was happening as early as season one. Yes we knew Damon loved Elena, but this was the first time she looked at Damon differently. Something happened in this dance, Elena stated to see Damon in a different light.

Their first kiss – Season 3 Episode 10

She was still fighting for Stefan but both of them couldn’t deny it anymore, their dynamic was changing. Damon decided he wasn’t going to feel guilty anymore about how he felt and was taking the risk to kiss Elena.

Damon gives Elena the necklace – Season 3 Episode 1


In that moment Elena loved him. That necklace symbolised Elena and Stefan’s unbreakable bond and even if it broke him, Damon made sure Elena got her necklace back for her birthday. There was no secret agenda, he knew what Elena wanted and needed and made sure she was happy, even if that wasn’t him.

Motel kiss – Season 3 Episode 19


Elena finally gives in to her feelings and goes after what she wants. This is the first time Elena makes it clear that she might in fact have feelings for Damon.

Elena gets her memories back – Season 6 Episode 20

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I think Delena fans were all devastated when Elena decided to erase every memory of Damon. Although even without her memories she still feel back in love with him, knew they had something, all that was missing was their memories. So when she got them back she knew she still loved him.

She chooses Damon – Season 4 Episode 22

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This was the moment all Delena fans were waiting for, Elena finally chose Damon over Stefan. It might be her worst choice, and she knew he was a terrible person but she wasn’t going to apologise for it and she wasn’t sorry that she was in love with him. Damon finally got the girl.

Their final dance – Season 6 Episode 22


Their last dance together, it sure had to be something special. Back where it all started, Damon’s waiting for Elena at the very spot they first met. Before he has to say goodbye, he makes sure they have one last dance together.

He tells Elena he loves her – Season 2 Episode 8


We all knew he did, but he just had to say it. Damon needed Elena to know how he felt, even if he did erase the moment after. Damon knew he couldn’t be selfish with her and knew he wasn’t worthy of her just yet.

Elena stays with a dying Damon – Season 2 Episode 22


Damon’s dying from his werewolf bite and just needs Elena to forgive him. He tries to convince Elena that he wasn’t always such a horrible person, but Elena doesn’t need convincing, she’s already seen the good him and likes him just the way he is.

The rain kiss – Season 6 Episode 7

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You didn’t think I’d forget this one did you. After all Delena fans hard work in making this scene a possibility, Julie Plec delivered on the epic rain kiss. I don’t think anything needs to be said about this scene, we all know why it’s one of their best moments and why it’s epic.

We also have some extra moments worthy of a mention.

  • She admits she cares about him – Season 3 Episode 2
  • Damon promises he won’t leave her again – Season 3 Episode 5
  • Damon saves Elena after the car crash – Season 1 Episode 11
  • Elena tells Damon she loves him – Season 4 Episode 10
  • Damon save Elena from Klaus – Season 2 Episode 21
  • Delena decade dance – Season 2 Episode 18


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