Top 10 Klaroline Moments on The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries Klaus and Caroline - Klaroline

Klaus and Caroline where do we begin? Klaus the original vampire, the villain, not someone one of the good guys is meant to fall for. Caroline the optimistic, perfect, organised vampire that hated Klaus but soon found herself falling for him. The good girl that just wanted her perfect feathers ruffled, somehow managed to see the good in Klaus. And Klaus found himself wanting to do good, although not for long, he is a big bad original vampire after all with anger issues.

They soon became the couple most fans were rooting for and became addictive to watch. Klaus with his continuous efforts to woo her and Caroline not being dumb enough to be seduced by him, resisting all temptations. And we were left with one question on our minds, will they? Or Wont they? With that, Klaroline was born and fans are still hoping for their endgame.

With all the tension and several attempts by Klaus to win Caroline, it lead to some great moments between the two, especially if they managed to let their guard down. Below we have our top 10 Klaroline moments, some haven’t made it into the list but do get a worthy mention at the end.

Klaus calls Caroline – Season 7 Episode 14

This was the first time the pair had spoken and our first scene of the two since season five. Us Klaroline fans had waited long and patiently for these two to have a scene together again. It might have been just a phone call but we got Klaroline. In that moment we knew Klaus still loved Caroline, he might have had Camille on The Originals, but no one can come close to Caroline.

Klaus admits he fancies Caroline – Season 3 Episode 14


Klaus the big bad original vampire is capable of love? Hell yes!  The man who claimed love was a weakness admits his feelings for Caroline, although his feelings might not have been reciprocated that didn’t stop Klaus from trying to win her over.

Klaus saves Caroline from the werewolf bite – Season3 Episode 11

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Now this one is a weird one. Most Klaroline fans love this scene and that’s why I’ve included it. However, Klaus was the one who ordered Tyler to bite her, to basically kill her, but then he  swoops in to save her at the end. I mean it is her birthday after all, talk about a crappy birthday. But he does save her and we do start to see that Klaus does actually care and isn’t evil if he doesn’t want to be. He even offers to show her the world one day.

Klaus intends to be Caroline’s last – Season 4 Episode 22

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Hats down the best Klaroline moment. Klaus’ last attempt to win Caroline as he offers her a one way ticket to New Orleans with him. He literally tells her, he’s going to wait for her no matter how long it takes, Klaus will be there when she’s ready. Klaus sees a future with her, shame Caroline didn’t see the same.

Caroline admits what she wants – Season 5 Episode 11


She finally admitted it! Caroline does in fact like Klaus and she’s not going to feel bad about it. Klaus got the confession he’s been waiting for and Klaroline were a thing… well only for the episode, but Klaroline fans finally got what they’d been waiting for.

Klaus saves Caroline from Alaric – Season 3 Episode 21

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Caroline’s in danger as Alaric a newer upgraded version of an Original has her held captive at the high school. Klaus can’t let anything happen to his Caroline and sets up a plan to save her. At this point at least, Caroline should know Klaus would never hurt her and I think she does as she realises she’s safe around him.

Klaus sees Caroline arrive at the ball and they dance – Season 3 Episode 14

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That look on his face is everything. This moment is on here solely for that look. With all those other people in that room, Klaus only has eyes for Caroline, there might as well be no one else in that room the way he’s looking at her.

The drawing – Season 3 Episode 14

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I know, sorry guys episode 14 has made the list again. There were just so many good moments in this episode. Klaus basically let his guard down and let Caroline in. He’s admitted he fancies her, they’ve danced, he offered to take her around the world, he shared his passion for art. Then to finish the night off, he leaves Caroline with a gift, a drawing of herself drawn by him.

Klaus teases Caroline about her Miss Mystic Falls Application -Season 4 Episode 7


Klaus the mean, angry, volatile vampire actually has some fun. It must be Caroline that brings that out in him because I don’t think I’ve seen Klaus laugh with anyone else. It’s just a fun moment between the two.

Klaus gives Caroline a prom dress – Season 4 Episode 19

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Last but not least, Klaus gives Caroline a prom dress fit for royalty. She knew she could count on Klaus to help her out. Plus Klaus wouldn’t ever let anything ruin Caroline’s prom, he knew what prom meant to her. Klaus was happy he could save Caroline’s prom night.

We’ve come to the end of our list but some moments that didn’t make it are still worthy of mentioning because they’re still pretty damn good.

  • Klaus calls Caroline from New Orleans and hopes one day he can show it to her – Season 4 Episode 20
  • Klaus heals Caroline again from a werewolf bite and admits she knows he loves her – Season 4 Episode 13
  • It was all for Caroline. Klaus didn’t kill Tyler for her – Season 4 Episode 14
  • Klaus asks Damon advice on how to get Caroline’s forgiveness – Season 4 episode 12
  • Caroline’s too smart to be seduced by Klaus – Season 3 Episode 15

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