Top 10 Stelena Moments on The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries - Stelena

The series finale is just around the corner. With that in mind, we thought it was a good time to look back at some of the best moments from the series.

This round we’re looking at the first couple in the love triangle, Stelena. Stefan and Elena immediately had a connection and she soon learned the truth about Stefan resulting in a whirlwind epic love story leaving them sometimes in deadly danger. But that didn’t stop the couple from fighting for one another and had some pretty damn good moments over the series. Some moments where teary others had us yelling at the screen with excitement… well if you were a Stelena fan anyway.

Let’s look back on the last 8 years and see which moments made our list. Note, not all their best moments are on here. Trust me I wanted to carry on but the list would have been as long as my arm, I could have gone on all day, but I managed to pick just 10.

The phone call – Season 3 Episode 1

If not one of the most heart-breaking scenes on The Vampire Diaries especially for Stelena fans. It was Elena’s birthday, she didn’t know where Stefan was and all she wanted was to know he was alive. Stefan at the brink of giving up and just wanting to hear Elena’s voice, she told him to hold on. That phone call showed how strong these two were and were not about to give up on each other.

Elena tells Stefan she loves him – Season 1 Episode 10

These two were heading down the road for an epic romance and we got it. It’s the first time Elena told Stefan she loved him and if he walks away it’s for him. This was also the first time she saw Stefan’s true nature. She accepted him for what he was even if he couldn’t. Elena knew the risk and danger she was about to walk into and she did it anyway all because she loved Stefan Salvatore. Also this is Paul Wesley’s favourite scene, so it had to be included.

Elena brings Stefan back from the edge – Season 1 Episode 20

Stefan’s fallen off the wagon ready to give up and end it all. Elena talks him back and makes him see the good in himself. Elena knew he wasn’t a monster really because, would a monster save a family he didn’t know who’s car had driven off the bridge? No. Elena saw the good in him plus a monster can’t have hero hair.

Elena makes her best choice – Season 4 Episode 1


Elena had to make a choice and she chose Stefan. Again another heart-breaking scene between the couple. This was the last moment between them while Elena was human before everything would change. She made it clear Stefan was her best choice and all Stefan wanted to do was save her but he couldn’t. Instead he had to sit by while she either died or became a vampire.

Stefan resists compulsion – Season 3 Episode 5

We knew his love for Elena was strong but this just proved how strong. Stefan managed to resist compulsion and the craving for blood to keep Elena safe. Klaus might have won in the end, but Stefan sure as hell did everything in his power to make sure Elena wouldn’t get hurt.

Stelena’s first kiss – Season 1 Episode 2

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Their first kiss had to make it on the list; it’s where their love story began. Elena had no clue what she was about to get herself into, all she knew was, she’d met a boy, they talked and it was epic. She didn’t know they we’re about to have one epic romance.

Stefan catches Elena – Season 3 Episode 6

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Stefan’s running around humanity free annoying Elena. But when Elena falls from the bleachers we see there still might be a flicker of humanity in him. Even with humanity off Stefan can’t let anything happen to Elena.

Their final goodbye – Season 6 Episode 22

These two were no longer together but when Elena was put into her magical slumber thanks to Kai, it was clear these two still loved one another. Maybe not romantically anymore, although Stefan did admit Elena Gilbert never really goes away. But they got the goodbye they deserved and one I think Stelena fans could be satisfied with.

The 50’s dance – Season 1 Episode 12

Maybe not a major moment in the romance of Stelena but definitely an underrated one. It was the first time we saw Stefan actually let go and loosen up a little. Among all the craziness that was happening around them with a vampire on the loose seeking Elena, these two found one fun moment as Stefan showed Elena his 50’s move.

The Carnival – Season 2 Episode 2


Elena just wanted one day where the V word was not uttered and no one had to deal with supernatural problems. Elena didn’t get that wish, the one wish she did get however was having her boyfriend take her on the Ferris wheel, ride to the very top, kiss and her heart flutter. After the events of the day Stefan made sure she got one of the things she set out to do that day. He’d come back to town to start a life with her and he was going to make sure she lived it.

Extra moments that were just too good to pass on

  • Elena tried to make Stefan feel something, anything – Season 3 Episode 14
  • Stefan escapes the tomb – Season 2 Episode 11
  • Future human Stelena visions – Season 5 Episode 18
  • Stefan comforts Elena when Alaric dies – Season 3 Episode 20

The Vampire Diaries finale airs Friday at 8/7c on The CW

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