Top 10 Steroline Moments on The Vampire Diaries


Stefan and Caroline  -Steroline

Steroline, gone from never going to happen to married.

Steroline was the slow burner romance on the show, at one point we were asking will they or wont they. They never really seemed to hit the ground, something always seemed to get in the way. However, as time passed and these two finally admitted how they felt, their romance could bloom and Caroline could finally have her June wedding.

But before the couple even became a couple, they were friends first and their romance blossomed naturally.  We got to see these two as friends, supporting one another, reach that awkward part in their relationship, were they friends or something more and then of course reaching marriage. Along the way, this lead for many great moments seasons passed and we’re looking back on those last eight years to find some of them moments that made these two great.

Stefan proposes – Season 8 Episode 2

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There was a lot of talk about a June Wedding at Comic Con last year, with subtle hints made by cast and writers about the upcoming nuptials. So it didn’t come as much of a shock that Stefan would be proposing this season. Nevertheless the proposal had us in the emotional field and of course she was going to say yes, she’d been planning that June wedding since episode one.

Their first kiss – Season 6 Episode 14

It was the moment all Steroline fans had been waiting for and they’d been waiting a long time. These two had finally stopped dancing around the subject and avoiding what they were feeling for one another and gave in. It was a pretty good kiss, I think it was worth the wait.

Stefan saving her as she has the twins – Season 7 Episode 11


Caroline was dying, she was carrying syphon babies after all, so it was time to deliver them. As this is The Vampire Diaries, it was never going to go to plan. While she’s unconscious and time was against them to deliver the babies, it was up to Stefan to make sure she made it out alive. Plus he also gave her the perfect date in her head while all the drama was happening in the real world.

Stefan saves a newly turned Caroline – Season 2 Episode 2


This was the start of Steroline, at least their friendship. Can’t have a slow building romance without friendship first. He promised never to let anything happen to her and protected her from Damon. Stefan was the only one that could help her as Damon had other plans. He knew he could save her and he did.

Stefan teaches Caroline how to hunt – Season 2 Episode 3


Caroline was an insecure, neurotic freak but now on crack. Stefan took her under his wing and taught her how to hunt. This was the moment Steroline shippers were born… or they had one shipper at least, Julie Plec. She knew there was potential for an epic romance here, but it needed to happen slowly.

Stefan and Caroline dance at the house party – Season 4 Episode 16


Elena was right, they did look good together. This was the first time I saw these two as a potential couple. Caroline mentions that he could have any hot girl in the room and he chose her, not Elena or anyone else, her. He threw her over his shoulder and took her to the dance floor.

They dance at prom – Season 4 Episode 19

Caroline had Klaus wrapped around her finger and Stefan was still trying to get over Elena.  Caroline promised he would find someone new and fall madly in love without even realising it and he did. These two were still friends at this stage, but they were pretty damn good friends. A romance is always better when you were good friends to start with. Plus I think it’s worth mentioning, Stefan hates to dance yet he always seemed ok to dance with Caroline.

Stefan promises to be there for Caroline – Season 5 Episode 4

Stefan knew then even without any memories of her that these two had something special. Stefan promises to be there for her because she’s always there for him. Even if they weren’t together yet their friendship was still strong.

Stefan says he’ll wait for her – Season 6 Episode 22


You know it’s love when a boy offers to wait for you. Caroline wasn’t ready, Stefan was but instead of pushing it, he decided to wait because he knew Caroline would be worth it.

Steroline wedding – Season 8 Episode 15


This had to make it on the list, there was no way the June wedding wasn’t making it on the list. Their wedding might not have been the big fairy-tale that Caroline wanted, it sure looked like one but it was all a ploy to catch Katherine. But regardless of how the wedding came about, these two wanted to be together forever, and now they were going to be. Plus them vows must have left Steroline shippers hearts bursting.


Worthy Steroline moments to mention

  • Caroline’s kidnapped by Jules’ werewolf pack and tortured. Stefan knew she needed her friends so called Elena and Bonnie – Season 2 Episode 13
  • Steroline are reunited – Season 7 Episode 22
  • Caroline promises to be Stefan sober sponsor – Season 4 Episode3
  • Stefan tries to save a no humanity Caroline – Season 6 Episode 16


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