Top 8 Moments Of Life Sentence 1×07: “Our Father The Hero”

Life Sentence fans, I am coming at you with a little different format this week for “Our Father the Hero,” due to personal things that shall remain nameless. This hour examined how one point of view can completely alter the way things can seem, and how more than one member of the Abbott family learned that lesson. One thing I will say that runs in the family is an inability to keep a secret from anyone who shares their last name, haha. Which is refreshing given the amount of drama you see come out of keeping secrets on television these days.

Tonight’s hour centered around the family rallying around Aiden in his legal battle to fight a felony charge of dealing drugs out of the coffee shop where he and Stella used to work. I was not sure what to expect here, but I was quite impressed at how quickly the story picked up and turned things around. Between Stella, Wes & Dr. Riley’s issues, Lizzie and Diego’s differences over their son, and Peter’s lying over turning Aidan in, life seems to be consistently coming at the Abbott family. I’m with you, Ida, on wanting it to slow down, but since this is a CW drama the chances of that are pretty close to zero. However, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Without further ado here are my top eight moments for “Our Father the Hero!”

  • It might have been a small thing, but I love how Stella, after promising to not tell anyone her Dad was the one who called in the tip for Aiden’s arrest, immediately turned around and confided in Wes. I’m a firm believer that when you trust a lady with a secret, that trust automatically extends to her hubby and/or partner.
  • The timing of telling the truth between Stella and Peter was painful and well woven as Aiden and Ida both (understandably) reacted in anger at the secrets being kept from them. The intention was good, but in the end being honest up front tends to be the better choice as it always feels worse coming out later.
  • Wes & Will confrontation – I admit I didn’t see this coming so fast, but after Dr. Riley’s terribly obvious serenade to Stella during his love song, I could not help but cheer Wes on for calling him out. Dr. Hot Singer can play diplomatic but heart eyes cannot be disguised, and that’s in both directions sadly. I hate that Wes broke his finger punching a garbage dumpster, but quite frankly I couldn’t blame him for losing his temper at this guy making eyes at Stella.
  • Trio of siblings laying down the truth – I can’t express how much I loved Stella, Aiden and Lizzie sitting on that bench and dropping supportive truth bombs back and forth. It felt like the first time in a long time these three weren’t held back by the circumstances of their lives to be unabashedly honest in a way only siblings can. With some bickering back and forth, walking down memory lane, and both Stella & Lizzie refusing to let Aiden run away.
  • Aiden (finally) taking full responsibility – Yes, I know we all have a soft spot for this big hearted man, but I admit it was really good to see him throw off all his family’s help and pleas to the judge and asked to have the gauntlet thrown at him for his choices. Granted, that can’t be easy when it’s potentially three years in jail and a $250,000 fine – BUT the point is, he tries. I can’t believe he got off that easy, to be honest (and yes, Aiden, that was EASY), but I’m relieved his entire life wasn’t ruined.
  • Wes & Stella’s honest conversation – When I first watched this scene, instinctively I thought, “Why does Stella have to be the one to always fix things?” Clearly I’ve already gone from casual fan to super protective of my girl. However the truth is when comes to Dr. Of Course He’s in a Band, there isn’t much Wes can actually do, as the last time he tried he broke a bone. He’s stuck in the position of completely trusting Stella, who as much as I know loves Wes, is human and the hot doctor is well….hot and kind. I can’t predict how Stella will handle this, cause frankly she never makes the typical choice, but what it comes down to is where she is willing to draw that line to stick to her commitment. Relationships are hard work, and if anyone tells you otherwise they clearly haven’t been in a real one. I believe in her and Wes, but since this is TV I expect some drama coming our way. So here’s to riding it out!
  • Lizzie & Diego fighting for their son – I’ll be honest, I didn’t think for a second they were going to separate their twins and hold Frank back, but it felt good to see them go through all the stages of “arguing” till they landed on compromise. Go Lizzie for being honest about not wanting to split the kids up until “life” happens like it did to her, Stella and Aidan. Though, if I’m being honest, I think the counselor or teacher they met with was someone I’d disagree with on the grounds that it’s kindergarten that’s a little young to start holding kids back, but that’s just me.
  • Father & son heart to heart – Ignoring all the other good stuff going on tonight, my favorite scene hands down was seeing Peter and Aidan reconcile. Both of them were honest in thinking they deserved better, but honestly having a parent (or two) who fights as hard as Peter does and a son who is open to forgiveness like Aidan is hard to come by. Kudos to these actors for making it feel real without being overly cheesy, because sometimes they do toe that line here on Life Sentence.

Life Sentence airs Fridays at 9/8c on the CW.

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