Frequency: Five Questions We Want Answered at SDCC

The CW released a promo for each of their new shows, but the one that caught my eye was Frequency, whose premise is inspired by the 2000 Gregory Hoblit film of the same name. Starring Peyton List as Raymi Sullivan, a 2016 detective and her father Frank Sullivan, living 20 years earlier in 1996, and whose paths cross by a “frequency” connection over the same ham radio. Sound intriguing, no?

So, here are my top five questions I want answered from Frequency at San Diego Comic-Con.

  1. Will the rules of how the “butterfly effect” be established early on or will it be an ongoing mystery?
  2. Given the premise of the show, its more unique than anything I’ve seen in a long time (and I do remember seeing the movie a long time ago.) Truth be told, my curiosity has me wondering if the show’s story be more mystery focused on the frequency phenomenon, or character focused from Daniel, Raymi and its ensemble?
  3. Will there be an equal amount of importance placed between the present with Raymi and the “past” with her father, or will there be more emphasis on the effect the frequency has on her? From the preview it appears to hers entirely regarding the rest of her family and loved ones.
  4. Is the frequency phenomenon limited to Raymi and her father Daniel alone through their ham radio, or will it spread to other characters in the ensemble?
  5. Lastly are the showrunners ready to sustain this kind of premise for how many years a tv show can be on the air? It’s definitely something I’d like to see for a long time, but given how compressed and tightly woven the film it was based upon, I don’t know how that transfer to this entertainment medium that is required an upkeep over several months at a time for a stretch of years.

Are you excited for Frequency? What questions would you ask?

Frequency premieres Wednesday, October 5th at 9/8c on the CW.

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