Top Five Reasons We’re Excited for the CW’s ‘Life Sentence’

When you hear the phrase Life Sentence most of us, I bet, are jumping towards a prison term. Instead, it’s the rather clever title of what looks to be one of the most unique new shows I’ve seen on network television in quite a long time. The premise begins with a young lady named Stella, played by Pretty Little Liar’s Lucy Hale, who all of a sudden finds out she’s cured of cancer. After the shock and joy wear off that’s where the real story and messiness of life sets in.

So without further ado here are the top five reasons we’re excited for Life Sentence.

Meeting (and getting attached) to ALL the characters – Lucy Hale’s Stella looks to be a leading lady that’ll keep bringing all the good surprises and story. Her family I’m excited to see, for all their characters, and the dynamics they’ll bring to the scene on how the fall out of Stella’s newly diagnosed life sentence, so to speak

The story premise – Given the amount of shows to pick on TV it can be a challenge to find one that stands out, and Life Sentence has hit the mark on this point. I’ve literally never seen a show that starts with a young lady facing the rest of her life after living under a death sentence for eight years. Here’s to all the twists and turns coming our way!

Expressing how unpredictable our paths can be – Life itself, something we learn every day is waking up to where we don’t know what will happen, and what choice we’ll make or consequence we’ll face for it. A miracle cure for cancer is something akin to a ready set start button you weren’t prepared for at all in Life Sentence. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not here advocating for constant drama and plot twists, but embracing the chaos life can be is a concept I’m curious to see onscreen and where they take it for Stella’s brand new life.

To be straight up, the comedy – Given that the creators of Scrubs are behind this show, I am not going to be surprised if I end up laughing so hard I fall out of my chair. Probably more than once.

The acting talent – The characters from the previews alone look to be spot on in their casting, but the two I am most excited for are Elliot Knight and leading lady Lucy Hale. Elliot I instantly fell in love with from the moment he played Merlin on Once Upon a Time, but Lucy Hale’s talents alone sold me on this offbeat quirky premise show.

What are you most excited to see in the CW’s newest outing? Sound off in the comments!

Life Sentence debuts on March 7th at 9 pm on the CW.

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