Top Five Reasons to Renew ‘Lucifer’

Lucifans, I’ve seen the trends on Twitter, and I’ll admit this was a surprising (nerve-wracking) editorial to type out, but I’m here to list the five reasons to renew Lucifer.  This show hooked me midway through the first season and I’ve not regretted a second of that since.

However, it seems a few more people need some convincing. So without further ado here are my reasons Fox should renew this amazing show for a fourth season (and beyond.)

  1. The writing – I’ll get straight to the point, here. The story this show has been telling over the course of the past few seasons has been downright amazing. The unique premise launched it into a creative outlet that due to their skilled, and strong writer’s team has never felt anything less than captivating. Despite it’s ups and downs lately, this still holds true, and the show deserves a chance to find it’s best footing once again.

  2. The progressive voice – You might not expect a show that features the Devil as its main character to champion decency, morals, and humanity and yet that’s exactly what it’s shown time and time again. From dropping in Lucifer is bisexual without batting an eye, to respecting each and every character (especially the ladies), and portraying underlying themes we all can relate to that are seamlessly woven into the story each week.
  3. The lady friendships – Now I’ve written an entire editorial about it, but since then these friendships have become even better, which I didn’t know was possible at the time. In particular Maze and Linda have been honed in on with their story in the third season. As hard as it’s been to see their divide, it’s clear from the amount of attention how important it is to put all relationships, whether romantic or friendship, on an equal ground which Lucifer, to date has never failed at
  4. In a word: Deckerstar – You can call it the shipper, the fangirl, or the hopeless romantic in me, but from the first time they spoke to each other their spark has lit up the screen. Over the past few seasons their story has taken them undercover, a first kiss on the beach, to heartbreak, and a connection that has turned me from a standing human being to a puddle on the floor. The best part is there’s so much more to tell, and I hope to see it continue for the fourth season and beyond.
  5. Last but certainly, not least the characters – Lucifer, Chloe, Maze, Amenadiel, Linda, Dan, Ella, Charlotte (RIP I WILL MISS YOU SO MUCH), and Trixie. All of these wonderful people bring every single part of it together, from their individual stories and struggles, to how they interact with each other. I stand by every other reason I’ve cited so far, but what it comes to are the characters, because if we didn’t care about them the rest of it wouldn’t matter. These characters are easy to care about, and feel as real as the people I know in our world, and it’s been a gift to get to know them. So please, Fox don’t take them away just yet. They deserve a lot more time with every Lucifan out there.

P.S. Lucifans, ever since I’ve started reviewing this show, I’ve learned more than I ever expected. From my years in fandom, however I’ve found the one thing that’s invaluable when you grow attached to a show and it’s characters, is simply trust. Trust that this story, and more importantly the characters you’ve grown to love and the writers behind them won’t let you down.

Lucifer airs Mondays at 9/8c on FOX.

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