TV Line Spoilers for ‘Vampire Diaries,’ ‘Arrow,’ and ‘Originals’

There’s a fresh batch of spoilers from all of our favorite CW shows over on Matt’s Inside Line (March 28) on TV Line, including Stefan’s residual romantic feelings for Elena on The Vampire Diaries, whether Rebekah will be mentioned again on The Originals in her absence and a tease that Thea might learn about the paternity secret that’s almost guaranteed to erupt within the next few episodes of Arrow.

Now that Vampire Diaries‘ Damon and Elena have broken up, will Elena’s romantic feelings for Stefan come back in Season 6? Is there at least hope for them again? — Liza

While we can’t speak for Elena, we can speak for Stefan — especially after Paul Wesley explained the current state of Stelena to us. Though Wesley tells us that Stefan has “made peace” with Damon and Elena being friends with benefits, “There are always residual feelings with anyone that you’re ever with romantically.” IOW, if Elena ever decides Stefan’s the guy for her, he’ll be there.

The PromiseCan we talk about the “something pretty massive” that Thea will learn next week on Arrow? Will it be about her true paternity, or Oliver’s secret? –Eric

If it’s the former – that Malcolm Merlyn is her pop — she certainly isn’t going to hear it from her momma. As Susanna Thompson said to me as they were filming the upcoming “Deathstroke” episode, “In my personal experience of who Moira is, Moira would keep that a secret at all costs. That is a life decision of hers.”

I know Rebekah is gone from The Originals, but will we at least hear about her? Please tell me they’re not just going to pretend she doesn’t exist. —Anna

Keep an eye on your mailbox, Anna. “We’ll get the postcards from Kansas, and we’ll for sure see her again, God willing,” executive producer Julie Plec tells TVLine. “I don’t think it’s the last we’ve seen of Rebekah. It was just time for her to say goodbye and drive off into the proverbial sunset.” As for what you can expect from a Rebekah-less New Orleans, Plec says, “The absence of this sister from this family dynamic is going to make the brother dynamic even more fraught.” Wait, more fraught?

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