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Once Upon a Time returned tonight, and I have never been so excited for the return of this show. I will admit that it lost me a few seasons ago, but I am now drawn back in.


Well that would be because Anna and Elsa are coming to Storybrooke. Yes, cue my fangirl ways. I get a little too excited over this!

CHRISTIE LAING, RAPHAEL ALEJANDRO, JENNIFER MORRISONThe show opens with Anna and Elsa’s parents dying at Sea. Five years later Elsa tells her that she has a surprise for her, for their wedding.

The we have present day Storybrooke, and Regina and Emma are going at it. Some may remember that Emma brought back Maid Marion to the future. This complicates so much for Regina. She’s in love and she’s heart broken.

Though Regina has grown and she is trying to be a better person, it’s too much for her. Regina walks off, and Hook stops Emma from following.

The dwarves are driving when all of the sudden, the car is brought to a stop when Elsa freezes it . She did so out of fear, and fear only. Elsa continues on walking through Storybrooke – where she is startled by everyday life.

She thinks back to her time with Anna. She has taken her to the attic where she shows her a wedding dress. It is their mothers dress and she wants Anna to have it for her wedding. Anna is surprised that Elsa wants her to wear the dress, but of course she does. Elsa gives her a new necklace.

AS Anna is getting dressed, Elsa finds her mothers diary. Something upsets her and snowflakes start to fall. Elsa says that the death of ELIZABETH LAIL, GEORGINA HAIGher parents is all her fault.

Rumplestilskin is at the cemetery with Belle and goes to say goodbye to his boy. He talks to him and remembers the love of the child as a youngster.

Rumplestilskin pulls out the sword that changed him, and talks about Belle being in his life. She’s really the best thing that has ever happened to him. The thing is, Rumple has lied to Belle and hasn’t given her the real dagger. He has held onto it in order to avenge his son’s death.

Robin shows up at Regina’s to talk. He apologizes and Regina says it’s okay, she knows she’s a monster. Robin tells her that he knows that she has changed, that she is not a monster. Robins feelings for Regina have not changed, but he can’t turn from Marion, because he made a vow until death does them part. He hopes Regina can understand why she’s getting dumped.

Regina gets hurt and breaks a mirror, only to see that she is still the same girl that she once was. She heads to the hospital to get her person – the man in the “Mirror, Mirror on the Wall”. She’s decided that she needs to get rid of Marion.

Rumple and Bell go on a drive and she takes him to a house for their honeymoon. He stops time and switches the knives back. Belle wants to show him something, but Rumple’s eye is caught by something else.

COLIN O'DONOGHUE, JENNIFER MORRISONHenry is worried about Regina. Hook shows up while Emma is walking with Snow White. Hook thinks that she is avoiding him. The dwarf’s come running in and saying that they are under attack.

Elsa is thinking of Arendelle and Anna walks across the attic to her. Anna asks what is in the diary. Turns out that there parents left because they were scared of Elsa. But Anna is the voice of reason, saying that it doesn’t say where they are going or what they are doing. Anna is convinced that the diary is only part of the story.

Swan and Hook chase the ice trail to try and find Elsa. She’s scared and hiding. An ice monster forms, and Emma and Hook look up at her and say that is a new one.

Anna and Elsa go to visit the trolls. No one seems to be able to tell them why their parents were on the voyage. The Grandpappy troll says that he may not have know what they were doing, but he knew where they were going.

The ice monster starts chasing after Swan and Hook into the town. Everyone’s freaked out. Meanwhile Elsa is still hiding. The noise seems to be scaring the evil snowman and heads to the forest.

Regina is talking to her right hand, talking about getting ready of Marion. The Queen has to go back in time and kill Marion before she is brought back from the past. The queen puts the man back in the mirror.

We get to see when the evil queen faced Marion for the first time. Marion feels sorry for her.

The snowman is still heading through town and Elsa is hiding. She’s looking for Rumples place.

Back in Arendelle – Elsa heads to look for Anna. Kristoff is trying to cover for Anna. He doesn’t cover well and tells where Anna is. She’s heading to find out where her parents were going.

The monster is in the forest. One of Robin’s men shoots him and the monster becomes angry. Belle tries to stop him, but can’t. The queen appears and then disappears, leaving you to think that Marion will die. But as she is about to get squished, Regina makes the monster explode.

Marion now believe the possibility that Regina isn’t a monster.

Swan and Hook start to talk and he asks why she’s aboiding him. She says she just feels guilty right now, and kisses him. She tells hi, to be patient.

Emma heads to see Regina, and tells her that she’s going to bring back her happy ending.SCOTT MICHAEL FOSTER, GEORGINA HAIG

Regina goes to talk to the mirror and tells him that the mirror can help her change fate. The story has one thing in common, the villains never have a happy ending.

Regina decides to change the book – to find the writer and make him give villain’s their happy ending.

Rumple has the dagger and is in the mysterious house. The dagger awakens a box, which contains what looks like a weird hat. I am sure we’ll figure out what that is.

Elsa in the meantime is breaking into Mr. Gold’s pawnshop looking for the necklace that she gave Anna.

Elsa can’t make it to the ship in time in order to stop Anna from going. Elsa asks why Kristoff didn’t go with her. Turns out that Anna is heading to the Enchanted Forest.

Elsa picks up the necklace that she had given Anna, looks at it and says, “Don’t worry Anna, I will find you.”

Here’s what is happening next week –


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