#TV RECAP: #TheFosters Came Back and Everyone’s Pissed Off


So The Fosters mind fucked me in under two minutes. I mean I thought that something had happened based off the mid-season ending, and boy were we wrong.

Here’s the 8 things that you need to know from last night’s episode –

The Ambulance Wasn’t At Robert’s House Because of Sophia

While last season left us thinking that Sophia had harmed herself, we learn that she was just taking a bath. But the ambulance was there for a reason – Robert was apparently having a heart attack. But he didn’t – it was a panic attack.

What Happened In The Tent

While we are all curious what Jude and Connor did in the tent, we start the episode wondering what. And then we know that one of the Mom’s knows, but she doesn’t tell us what it is. We know they were curious and it was not appropriate for a school trip. Lena has quit her job in order to protect Jude, and Steph is throwing that in her face.

Jude and Connor are acting weird around each other. Connor wants Jude to stop telling his Mom’s everything. Jude just wants to make sure that they are okay. But when Lena goes to get her job back – and she does – she informs Jude that she has to tell Connor’s Dad what happened in the tent.

We find out that what happened in the tent is that Connor and Jude had girls in the tent and made out with them. Connor’s Dad said that was what he’s afraid of – Connor growing up to fast.

Gonna say though, by the look on Jude’s face that there was more. And Connor is pissed and tells Jude off.

Robert Wants To Have A Relationship With His Daughter

You actually start to feel for Robert, because he’s trying so hard to just have a relationship with Callie. Steph goes over to Robert’s house, trying to make things right – and it upsets Robert more. He tells her that he just wants to have a relationship with Callie and she tells her that they are not going to force Callie. Robert lets her know that she will be hearing from his lawyers.

Lena wonders why Steph went over there in the first place. They are fighting like crazy over it – and throw each others’ mistakes in each other’s faces.

Robert petitions for custody and Callie tells them all that the Foster’s are her family and nothing will change that. Callie gets to remain with the Fosters, but is ordered to spend one day a week with Robert. Callie agrees to see Robert, but makes is clear that she doesn’t want to see Sophia. You can tell that her heart breaks.

Marianna Is Still Working On Her Dancing and Brandon’s Still Singing

Marianna has found a passion – and we’re all for that. Because she is always whining. She has a solo at the dance competition and is worried about her solo. She wants to drop out, but her coach tells her no. At the dance compettion – Tia quits to protect Marianna, but Marianna doesn’t quit. The captian is still a bitch. The team qualifies and Marianna convinces Tia to start their own team.

Brandon is still writing and singing with that Lou – and they are practically eye screwing every second. But their relationship could break up the band and is breaking Callie’s heart.

Brandon was offered a full ride scholarship to a musical camp – which can write his way into any music school. Which he’s not sure about. Callie comes home to him playing the piano, and like good old Callie – she’s coaching him through believing in himself. But he’s putting her off.

Brandon decides that he wants to go on tour with the band versus camp.

Jesus’ Girlfriend Is Still Crazy

Goes to show you that a girl can become a stage five clinger when you sleep with her. And this girl is no exception. She wants Jesus’ life to revolve around her and her only.

Jesus Misses The Competition To See Anna

Jesus walks in on an AA meeting where Anna is talking about abandoning her kids. He listens to her and you can see that he believes in her – until she announces that she is pregnant. Jesus looks upset and walks out.

Jesus comes home late and lies. He says he was late because of wrestling.

Sophia Needs Help

Sophia shows up at Callie’s work and says that if Callie doesn’t forgive her – she will kill herself. Sophia walks out into the street and almost gets hit by a car. She’s bat shit crazy. The police come and Sophia says she just wasn’t looking. Callie has called the Quinn’s and Sophia admit’s that she’s suicidal – after Callie calls her out. Sophia says that she doesn’t know if she can do this anymore.

Robert breaks down and you can’t help but hurt for him. Callie offers some comfort. Robert says he’s going to get Sophia the help that she needs.

Brandon Tells Callie He Can’t Be With Her

Callie asks Brandon if he can’t be with her because of Lou. He says that isn’t it – it’s that he can’t trust her. That they have to be done. That Callie only comes to him when she’s reacting and he can’t deal with that. The look on her face – you know she’s taken all that she can deal with.

What We Liked –

  • We appreciated the fact that a TV show that speaks to so many is talking about suicide and we’re hoping to see the storyline continue.
  • As hard as it is to say, we like Brandon breaking Callie’s heart – because it was real. It was hard. And it’s life. And it was something that we could relate to.

What We Didn’t Like – 

  • Jesus’ stage 5 clinger girlfriend.
  • The dance team. We like the fact that Marianna is passionate about something – but where is the coach in all of this?

Are you a fan of The Fosters? What did you think of this weeks episode?

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